'Family friend' explains why Daniel O'Keeffe's body wasn't found sooner.

The question asked on every news story about the passing of missing man Daniel O’Keeffe was the same: how could he have been found so close to the family home?

A post purportedly from a family friend has revealed that Daniel O’Keeffe was found between a wall of the house and a solid limestone rock.

You can read more about the mystery surrounding Daniel’s disappearance here.

The anonymous poster, who identifies as a friend of the family, said the desire to “clarify a few facts” around O’Keeffe’s disappearance was the motivation.

The post then provides crucial details behind the O’Keeffe residence such as the age of the home, how it had been built and the area where the body was found.

“The family home was built 20 years ago and the back half was dug out of a limestone hill,” the post says.

“This area of the building is extremely cool, and would have been especially cold over the first few [winter] months after Dan disappeared.”

Daniel with his girlfriend before his disappearance. Source: Facebook.

The place where he was found was described as “very difficult to access”.

The post concludes with a touching tribute to those within the community who found themselves invested in the ongoing case.

“The family is incredibly grateful for the messages of support received from the community. There are no words to adequately express the depth of their grief,” the post says.

Daniel O’Keeffe was 24 when he was first reported as missing. Source: Facebook.

His body was first discovered last Monday by his father who was reported to have been digging into the side of a hill, The Geelong Advertiser reported.

It has also previously been reported by ABC News that police were not considering the death to be suspicious.

“The current circumstances surrounding the death are not considered to be suspicious but a thorough investigation is being conducted to determine the cause of death,” a police spokesperson said.

The post comes almost five years after O’Keeffe disappeared in 2011.

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