Why you should bag your next beauty haul at the pharmacy.

QV Skincare
Thanks to our brand partner, QV Skincare

Filling prescriptions, vitamin shopping and advice on that recurrent cold are all things that come to mind when we think ‘pharmacy’. While these things are useful in times in need. Most of us rarely think of the chemist as a place to bag our latest beauty haul. Think again.

Makeup, skincare and hair care all accompanied with specialised help and advice make the pharmacy your new one stop shop. They are packed to the brim with brands that you can’t find anywhere else.

Here are some of the products that are making pharmacies a go-to shopping destination.

1. QV Skin lotion.

As someone who has dry skin, I have tried countless solutions to stop my skin looking like it’s suffering from dandruff. I have tried everything from cold showers, choosing blankets over heaters, humidifiers and collecting a personal stock of every different type of moisture promising product out there.

QV Skin lotion is the answer I’ve been looking for. Lightweight and non-greasy in texture, it leaves my skin feeling moisturised and hydrated for the whole day. Best of all, it’s incredibly light meaning that it doesn’t leave my skin with that oily, weighed down feeling.

QV Skin lotion is just one of the products that make up the QV body range including cleansers, body washes and lotions. The entire QV range is gentle, moisturising and suitable for all skin types. Their range is perfect for everyday skincare, meaning that there’s a product to solve any skin problem.


QV Skin Lotion 500ml - $15.99. Image: Chemist's Warehouse.

2. Sunsense Daily Face SPF 50+ Daily 75g.

Sunscreen is a must in my daily skin care and makeup routine. I’ve found that the key to a good sunscreen is finding one that doesn’t leave a chalky residue, or dry into pores and lines, so that makeup can sit seamlessly on top. By using a light-weight sunscreen like Sunsense SPF50+ Daily Face you can rest assured that your skin is being protected, without interfering with your makeup, or leaving it looking worse for wear.

Sunsense Daily Face SPF50+ is fragrance and oil free for all skin types and tones meaning it’s going to see you through any season.

Ego Sunsense SPF50+ Daily Face - $12.00. Image: Chemist's Warehouse.

3. Selfie Tan ‘n Go Mousse.

Fake tan is a tricky product to nail down. Streakiness, colour (orange doesn’t look good on anyone), and the dreaded tell-tale fake tan smell all play an important part in choosing which fake tan is right for you. Let’s be honest, the stakes are high in the self-tan game.

Selfie Tan ‘n Go Mousse leaves you bronzed and goddess-like in one hour, goodbye sleeping in fake tan. Better yet, there’s zero trace of the giveaway fake tan scent.


Selfie Tan'n Go Mousse - $19.99. Image: Chemist's Warehouse.

4. Manicare Buffer 4-Way.

Confession time; I am terrible at painting my nails. Attempts to give myself a home manicure never end well. It’s a secret art that has (and probably will always) elude me. So now I skip the polish and focus on making sure my nails look smooth and glossy. Manicare’s 4 Way Buffer keeps my nails smooth and shiny, and lets me skip the frustration of smearing attempting to paint them.


Manicare Buffer 4-Way - $7.99. Image: Chemist's Warehouse.

5. HI PRO PAC Keratin Maintenance Replenish Masque.

Using a hair straightener most days means that my hair isn’t in the best condition. As of late it’s taken on a particularly dry and straw like texture, and I’ve even started to notice it breaking. I know I’m not going to part with my hair straightener any time soon, so instead I’ve started using regular HI PRO PAC treatments in my hair to give it some much needed TLC.

HI PRO PAC Keratin Replenish Masque - $5.99. Image: Chemist's Warehouse.

Not only is the pharmacy full of exclusive and recommended brands, but you’ll be given expert guidance and advice to make your shopping trip a breeze. Make the pharmacy your one stop shop.

What are your favourite pharmacy buys?