Hello, cheekbones: Exactly where to apply your blush depending on your face shape.

Blush has the ability to transform your makeup

It adds a hint of warmth that not only makes you look alive (even before coffee), it also ties a whole look together.

Here's how to create a non-black smokey eye to go with your blush. Post continues below.

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But what if we told you that there are different places to apply blush, depending on your face shape

With the help of Aussie celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney (she's painted the faces of Ashley Graham, Barbara Palvin and Karlie Kloss, to name a few), we’ll talk you through the four main face shapes - oval, round, heart and square - along with the perfect place for blush application on each.

Oval face shape.

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"On an oval, longer shaped face, you can work the blush in a larger circle shape on the apples of your cheeks to give the appearance of a shorter face shape," Tobi told Mamamia.


Heart face shape. 

Image: Getty. "To create a softer look on a heart shape face, apply the blush in a swooping motion from the apples of the cheeks upwards toward the direction of the end of your brows," Tobi explained.


Round face shape.

Image: Getty. As Tobi explained, for those with rounder faces, it's best to place blush a little lower to create angles where there wouldn't usually be any.


"The best place for blush on beauties with a round face shape is on the apples of the cheek and slightly lower and outward to make your face look more angular," she said.

Square face shape.

Image: Getty. If you have a square face shape, you might be keen to soften those features with your blush.


"To create a more round face shape, the best way to apply blush if you have a square face shape is to start with blush on the apples of your cheek and pull the blush upward and outwards," Tobi said. "This will soften the face more."

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