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The Block will never happen in one Aussie state.

This is the reason why.

If you’re hoping The Block will return to Sydney in its coming seasons, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

But it’s highly unlikely.

Scotty Cam explained while talking on 2DayFM that the hit renovations show won’t be returning to Sydney for one big reason.

“I’d like to see it come back to Sydney too but the fact is — and I don’t like to say this — that the councils in Sydney are too hard on us,” Scotty said.

Scotty Cam. (Image via The Block Instagram)

“Melbourne, down here, they look after us a treat. Mind you, we bring about $20 million into the economy of that area,” he explained.

The Block began in Sydney but after the third season in 2010, the team relocated to Melbourne, Victoria.

Scotty added that NSW police are also much stricter than those in Victoria, having given out large fines during filming.

This year's contestants. (Image via The Block Instagram)

“They just make it tough for us, for example the police charged us $30,000 for crowd control. Victorian police charge us nothing.

“Councils in Sydney fined us five times for soil on the footpath and stuff like that. In Melbourne, we don’t get fined at all. They look after us, because we’re in and out very quickly and we respect the neighbours and we look after noise control,” Scotty said.

This year's contestants. (Image via The Block Instagram)

Cam said the Victorian government have been nothing but accommodating since Channel Nine shifted the reality show interstate in 2011.

And the Victorian government seem very happy to have The Block filmed there. “We do bring a lot of money into the economy and the Victorian government gets that and they say, ‘what do you need?’ ‘Welcome back!’”

#Sorrynotsorry, Sydney.

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