Here's what 'She's All That' star Rachael Leigh Cook looks like now.

Look at all you can achieve if you just change everything about yourself for a man.

She’s All That is coming back in what will most likely be a terrible remake to a great coming-of-age movie.

Rachael Leigh Cook, the star of the 1999 movie, is definitely not going to return for the remake, because she’ not 18 anymore and just gave birth to her second child (congrats!).

But hey, maybe the movie people will let her make a guest appearance as a cafe worker.

where is rachael leigh cook now
Rachael Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze Jr, starring in She’s All That. Image via IMDb.

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We tracked Cook down, which definitely wasn’t hard because she’s social media obsessed. Here’s what she’s doing now.

Here is a close-up of her face, in 2015.

Rachael Leigh Cook. Takes a mean selfie. Image via Twitter.

She is still acting. She’s starring in a crime drama TV series called Perception.

where is rachael leigh cook now
Cook, being very serious and very crime-detective like. Image via IMDb.

She’s married to a guy that plays a very powerful vampire on American TV show The Originals – Daniel Gillies. They’ve been married for 10 years. He’s no Freddie Prinze Jr, but he’s close.

where is rachael leigh cook now
Cook and Daniel Gillies. Image via Getty.

She’s a mum and she just gave birth to her second child, a boy called Theodore. He’s four days old. Her and husband Gillies also have a daughter, Charlotte, 18 months.

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Basically, she’s had it pretty good since starring in the best damn teen movie aside from Mean Girls. It just goes to show what you can achieve in life if you change everything about your look to make a man happy.

Click through the gallery below to see Rachael Leigh Cook through the ages.