17 previously super-famous celebrities who have all mysteriously disappeared.

The curious case of all the missing celebrities.

Do you remember Malcolm in the Middle? Of course you do. It was the tedious yet entertaining TV show about four boys and their parents who got up to hilarious mischief but ultimately loved each other blah blah “feel-good show” blah.

The ‘dad’ in the series, Bryan Cranston, went onto star in the infamous series Breaking Bad and proved to be a ridiculously awesome actor. But whatever happened to the supposed star in the show, Malcolm?

The “star” (whose actual name is Frankie Muniz) is a star no-more. He has gone. Disappeared.

He is stuck in the middle forever and ever.

Although internet stalking websites claim that he is in four movies this year, we have not really seen or heard from him since he was a teenage genius talking to the camera in a jovial yet sincere way.

This very topic – of curiously missing celebrities – was raised in a recent Reddit thread and one commenter suggested Frankie Muniz’s small stature may provide an explanation to his disappearance:

Excellent point, Sunshine621.

But the most devastating news? It’s not just Frankie who’s disappeared.

Pop singer Mandy Moore who brought us hits like “Candy” and starred in some very tear duct exercising teen movies, also has a bad case of forgott-celebrititis.

Now how will we express what we’re missing someone like?

Other names that made the list were the likes of actors Brendan Fraser from The Mummy, Seann William Scott from American Pie and Celebrity-For-Some-Reason, Paris Hilton.

Here are a few of the other celebrities who appear to have fallen off the face of the earth:

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