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44% of people are NOT having sex in the bedroom.....


When my husband does the dishes he wants sex. Have I ever mentioned that before? Well yes, I may have. It was the original title of my book, ‘When My Husband Does The Dishes…’, before it was desexed by my publishers.

When I published the book I wondered how that disclosure would be received. Do other people get ‘the look’ after dinner? Am I the only one whose hubby wants to get jiggy jiggy at the sink?

Well, as it turns out, I am not. Since the book came out I’ve been inundated with messages from women saying their partners are exactly the same way: they too get amorous when they’re in the kitchen. What’s more, a lot of women seem to reciprocate the feeling (though perhaps not as…er…. often as their men).

And now, my anecdotal evidence has been confirmed. It is official. New research has shown that  44% per cent of people have shared “intimate moments” with their partners in the kitchen. What’s more, almost 10% of these people say that it happens at least once a week.

According to the Electrolux Passion For Food Survey:

The poll of more than 1000 Australians found 53 per cent of respondents revealing that the best way to get in the mood for romance is to share a home-cooked meal.

This compared with 32 per cent who said a foot massage would put them in the mood and 40 per cent who liked to share a few drinks with their partner.

And it’s not just newlyweds getting hot and heavy on the stove top, with one third of couples who have been together 15 years or more reporting they still found time to get amorous while cooking dinner.

Now, in the interests of full journalistic disclosure, I should admit that I have never actually had sexual intercourse in my kitchen (well, not this kitchen, anyway). For one thing, it has a very hard floor, and I much prefer something that won’t give me a backache. For another thing, it has no walls, and I much prefer something that won’t traumatise my kids. And finally, it has a view out onto the street, and  I much prefer something that won’t traumatise innocent passers-by.

I have, however, shared many a passionate kiss with my hubby in our kitchen, particularly over a glass of wine and a bubbling pot. The kitchen can be a romantic place to be. It is the heart of our home, so it makes sense that it is the springboard for our passion, too.

(Okay, so this is probably a slightly idealistic explanation. The more realistic explanation is that the kitchen is the place in which we are frequently warm from the stove, happy from cooking smells, and nicely tipsy from wine, so it makes us feel loving towards each other.)

The kitchen is the place in which we unwind after a hard day. It’s the place in which we anticipate a delicious meal (or in my case, an occasionally presentable meal). It’s the place in which we make the transition from day to evening. And the place in which we reconnect with our partners, however briefly.

It’s no wonder we sometimes get amorous in the kitchen. Quite frankly, though, ‘passionate kiss’ is quite amorous enough kitchen activity for me. When my husband does the dishes he wants sex, but I generally want a smooch and a nice cup of tea. The rest can wait until we can at least close the door. Provided I can actually stay awake that long…

So what about you?  Do you ever share ‘intimate moments’ in your kitchen???