Where are they now? The cast of Scrubs, 19 years after the show first aired.

Did you know it’s been 19 whole years since we were first introduced to TV show Scrubs?

Which means you could’ve birthed a child who’s now of legal age to drink since the time it first aired. Terrifying, and where the hell has time gone? We digress…

Scrubs followed the lives of the medical interns at Sacred Heart Hospital as they had to navigate their crazy stressful jobs and their crazy stressful love lives.

For eight seasons, we watched J.D, Turk, and Elliot find their way in the hospital, alongside Carla, Janitor, Dr Cox and Dr Kelso.   

The show was the perfect blend of slapstick and serious – you’d be hard pressed to find another show that can make you cry tears of laughter and sadness in the space of a few minutes.

After a weird final season (the main characters largely weren’t in it), Scrubs hung up its, well, scrubs, ending in 2010.

But Scrubs is well and truly back on our minds since they announced they would be hosting a virtual reunion next month.

Sarah Chalke, who played Dr Elliot Reid, told NME, “This year we’re going to do a Zoom or whatever platform of a reunion. So I’m really looking forward to that.

“We haven’t really hammered any of the details, but we’re probably going to be a panel chat, just everybody saying ‘hi’, and I’m sure most of the cast will be able to make it and [creator] Bill [Lawrence]. It will be fun!”

She also paid tribute to co-star Sam Lloyd (Ted Buckland), who died earlier this month.

“[He was] the nicest man, and so talented and so funny,” Chalke said.

Last year, Lloyd was diagnosed with a brain tumour. And despite a GoFundMe page raising more than $150,000 for medical expenses, the tumour was found to be inoperable.


So now, as we binge the show on Stan ahead of the virtual reunion and in remembrance of Sam Lloyd, we thought we’d check in on the rest of the Scrubs cast now too.

Zach Braff as Dr John Dorian (J.D)

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Zach Braff played the lovable daydreaming doctor to perfection. After Scrubs, Braff starred in a few stage shows, including a lead role in the musical adaptation of Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway. He's also tried his hand at directing. Braff wrote and directed Garden State while still in Scrubs and directed and starred in the follow-up, Wish I Was Here, in 2014. (Which sort of got slated and involved a Kickstarter campaign, soz J.D.) He also produced and starred in ABC series Alex, Inc which got cancelled after one season.

Donald Faison as Dr Christopher Turk


J.D's sidekick Turk was played by Donald Faison, who'll forever be known in our hearts as Murray from Clueless. He's been in quite a lot since his Sacred Heart days - The Exes from 2011 to 2015 and a number of smaller roles in House of Lies and Ray Donovan. He was also in Pitch Perfect in a small, but aca-awesome role.

Sarah Chalke as Dr Elliot Reid

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J.D's love interest went on to break hearts as Stella in How I Met Your Mother and featured in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. She also starred in Cougar Town, which incidentally was created by the same guy who created ScrubsBill Lawrence.

Robert Maschio as 'The Todd'

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Very close investigation (a quick scan of his Twitter feed) tells us 'The Todd' is now in Real Estate in Santa Monica. He posted the fetching headshot on the right on there and seems to be killing it at real life, much like Todd thought he was.

Neil Flynn as Janitor

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Neil Flynn stole the show as the janitor who tortured poor J.D. He had a leading role as Mick on ABC's The Middle from 2009-2018.

Judy Reyes as Carla

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Judy Reyes played Carla, the nurse who didn't take bullsh*t from anyone. Since Scrubs, Reyes has appeared in lots of high-profile shows including Devious Maids, Succession, Jane the Virgin, and One Day At A Time. She also played the private investigator in the much-hyped Netflix series, Dirty John . Carla has basically killed it.

John C. McGinley as Dr Cox

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Dr Cox had arguably the best lines (and delivery) of the whole show. But when we look at him... we just see Dr Cox. Casting directors clearly don't agree with us as he's had three long-term TV gigs since Scrubs in Ground Floor, Stan Against Evil and Chicago P.D.

Ken Jenkins as Dr Kelso

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Ken Jenkins also had a part in Bill Lawrence's show Cougar Town. From 2010 to 2015, he played the father of Courteney Cox's character, Jules.

And if all that didn't satisfy your Scrubs-induced hunger, here are a few snaps of the gang all together at the Vulture Festival in November 2018.

The Scrubs gang at the Vulture Festival. Source: Getty
Source: Getty

You can catch all episodes of Scrubs on Stan right now. 

This post was originally published in February 2019 and has been updated.