VERY SERIOUS INVESTIGATION: Where your favourite Seven Year Switch couples are now.

Remember Seven Year Switch? The reality TV dating show that dominated your life for three months way back at the beginning of 2017 and before that in 2016?

While casting for the third season of the Channel 7 show is in full swing, we couldn’t help but wonder how the past contestants are going.

Are they still together? How are their kids? Do they want to rip each other’s heads off?

In the name of serious journalism, we did an Instagram deep dive to find out where our favourite Seven Year Switch couples are now.

Jackie and Tim

Image: Seven.

Jackie and Tim are still together, and are currently enjoying celebrating their second Christmas with their toddler, Chadwick.

The couple welcomed Chad in September 2016, after revealing their pregnancy on the Seven Year Switch finale.


Getting in the #christmasspirit #carols #family #gclife

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Cass and Ryan

Image: Seven.

Although Cass' Instagram appears to have been deleted, Ryan's Instagram indicates the two are still separated since their split in February, 2016.

By the looks, they are co-parenting, with Ryan spending lots of time with their daughters. His Insta bio says he's also 'retaining "Worlds Best Dad" title' and 'being a supportive ex-husband'.

In October, the former couple also lent their story to the Stillbirth Foundation, speaking about the loss of their first child, Dexx to raise awareness for the cause along with former Big brother star, Bree Amer.

Please watch & share our story! ???? a while back now Cass & I joined some incredible people to help bring to light an issue that has long been taboo. Everyone has lost someone close to them, now think for a moment how u would feel if there was a 33% chance they could have been saved but no-one told u how! YOU can potentially save a babies life by sharing these stories! (Link in my bio) . If you would like to help further or to learn how to contribute please contact the stillbirth foundation Aust or alternatively contact me and I will happily guide u to the appropriate avenues. Thank you ???????? . #Repost @breeamer ・・・ My husband and I made a short 10 minute doco for The Stillbirth Foundation. It's a hard watch but the purpose is to educate people on the warnings signs and also hopefully raise much needed money for research. Unfortunately most funds raised are by those directly effected by Stillbirth, when the sad reality is that statistically we will probably all know somebody. 6 babies a day are stillborn in Australia and a third of those are preventable. If this raises one dollar or sends one mother to the hospital that little bit earlier, we will be happy. Thank you to all who gave their time to help make this - Ben & Sonya, JB, Cass & Ryan, and Lauren & Shane. LINK IN MY BIO To donate-

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Michelle and Jason

Image: Seven.

These two are #separated according to Michelle's Instagram.

However, they would appear to be giving co-parenting a go, posting this picture of their family reading time in May.


Felicity and Michael

Image: Seven.

Felicity and Michael are pretty much the only ones who appear to be together, and happy about it.

"We still working on it every day. What's different now. We have the tools to make things not escalate and also really focus on our relationship (sic)," Felicity posted on Instagram in July.

They were last seen together in August at a red carpet event, and have also been spending time with their two kids, Orlando and Dakota.

I'm with her ???????????? #maximparty #sevenyearswitch

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Stacey-Louise and Sarge

Image: Seven.

These two are 100 per cent not together anymore. Although they've gone their separate ways since the show wrapped up, Instagram shows both Stacey-Louise and Sarge have been using their reality TV profiles to raise awareness for various causes.

Stacey-Louise has been promoting Huntington's disease, which took her father's life, and Sarge recently took part in Movember in support of men's mental health issues.

Stacey-Louise is also a brunette. In case you were wondering.

❤️???????? Someone is happy I’m taking him to the @thescratchbar

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Mark and Kaitlyn

Image: Seven.

Despite reports Mark and Kaitlyn were 'still together but living separately' in June, Kaitlyn's latest Instagram post would suggest otherwise.

"Just when I thought my 15 minutes of fame were up.... Thanks for the write up @okmagaustralia #singleandreadytomingle #ikissedagirlandilikedit #stillrelevant #infamous," she wrote on Instagram this week.

It would also appear Kaitlyn is living in LA. No sign of Mark though. Awks.