When you have a competitive friend…

Female friendship is among the most complex relationships we have. When it works, it is a life force. When it doesn’t, it ties your stomach in knots and sometimes it can be somehow far more difficult to untangle (in your mind) than romantic relationships.

W writes….

I have been with my partner for 2.5 years, living with him for three and we have constantly talked about getting engaged, married etc. I know this will happen (eventually) and completely trust my partner to leave it up to him for the ring surprise etc. My best friend gave up her whole life for her boyfriend moved interstate to be with him where she knew no one and six months later she is rubbing it in my face that they will get engaged in the next month and married in the next six.

Aside from the fact it feels as though she is trying to be in a race with me and my partner, I would normally be happy for her but both my self and our other friends hate her boyfriend He is a divorcee at 26 with two kids and treats her and all of us like absolute crap.

How can I be genuinely happy and excited for her???

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