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What did our Happiness Survey have to say about you?







Not so long ago, Mamamia kicked off a happiness survey to see how our readers were doing.

We wanted to see what your lives were like. What kept you kicking throughout the day. And then we wanted to try and find some solutions for you to make your life that little bit happier – if it needed to be.

Here’s what we discovered…

Most of you are aged between 30 and 45, and have kids that are aged between 0 and three years old (kids that young? We feel for you).

41.7% of you have done something crazy or adventurous in the last six months, which is pretty great – and about 34.5% of you sometimes get a good night’s sleep.

But here’s where it gets a bit worrying.

Even those of you who work full-time or part-time rarely get time to themselves throughout the work day – only 39.9% of you.

37.6% of you sometimes feel anxious or overwhelmed. And 31.9% of you OFTEN feel anxious or overwhelmed.

This probably comes down to the fact that 28.8% of you guys feel like your lives are often ruled by your kids. As a result, you’re not exercising as much as you want to – 36.1% say they exercise “rarely” – and you’re also not eating as well as you could be, with 39.5% saying that they’d like to eat better some of the time.


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Only 46% of you actually wake up feeling excited about the day. That’s 54% of you that need to kick things up a notch and do something to get you excited about the day. And not just the day – the other days, and weeks, and months ahead.

So… how about a holiday? That would be pretty damn exciting. Especially if you’ve been holding out for Christmas time or winter – because anytime is a pretty good time to go on a holiday.

For those of you that have been on a family holiday in the past, you told us that you found it special because you were “present in the moment together”. Enjoying the pool, the sunsets and the cocktails – well, mocktails for the kiddies – all together.

a romantic holiday with your partner

The fact is this: a holiday, whether it’s a family holiday or a romantic getaway, is never a bad idea.

Regardless of where you’re at in your life, there is never anything wrong with escaping work and reality for a few days, or a few weeks, and slipping away to an alternative fantasy universe. One where the beach is on your doorstep and the beds are made daily.

Some of you who responded to the survey are in desperate need of a holiday. Those of you who are barely sleeping, or working yourself to the bone, or can’t even remember the last time you took a break – please. Book yourself a trip and get yourself on a beach, sipping a cocktail, while the kids go to kids club.


Some of you can hold off for a month or two, but you do spend a few minutes per day dreaming about tropical getaways – and your phone background is of a pineapple floating in a swimming pool (or is that just me?). It’s time to start looking into trips so that you can get yourself into a refreshed headspace, ready to come home and kick into healthy eating and exercise.

Some of you are smashing through the work right now, but you’ll be ready for a holiday in about six months’ time. Don’t wait to tip over the edge and lose that fabulous balance. Organise a break now, reflect on what’s going well and think about how you can keep that momentum for the future, when you might need some well-deserved rest.

And then some of you lucky ones who responded had just come back from a holiday, or were going through a quiet time at work. Some of you were feeling awesome, and enjoying home life. How excellent is that? The best way to maintain or regain those awesome chilled out feels is to book yourself another trip to a tropical paradise (preferably while some el cheapo deals are happening) and keep yourself in that lovely tropical vibe for as long as you can.

Whoever you are and wherever your life is at – the pina coladas are calling. All you have to do is listen.



What holiday category did you fall into?


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