Where are they now? The cast of When Harry Met Sally, 30 years later.

We all remember it.

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

It was the most iconic scene in the classic film, When Harry Met Sally.

And it is now 30 years since Sally Albright, played by actress Meg Ryan, so famously faked an orgasm in front of Harry Burns, played by Billy Crystal, only for another diner, an elderly woman, to lean over and drop that immortal line to the waitress.

The 1989 film was as hilarious as it was heart-warming and its story-line has been passed on by generations.

Love When Harry Met Sally? Let’s reminisce with a clip from the iconic restaurant scene. Post continues after audio. 

So in honour of the film’s 30th anniversary, we’re taking a look at where the cast are now.

Meg Ryan as Sally Albright

when harry met sally cast
Meg Ryan. Image: Getty.

Meg Ryan, now 57, played Sally Albright, the woman who believes she is "difficult" and insists men and women can be just friends.

The role assisted her rise to the queen of romantic comedies in the 90s.

But You’ve Got Mail, a 1998 Tom Hanks rom-com, was probably one of her last notable films before we stopped seeing Ryan on the big screen.

Since 2003, Ryan's roles have not been big box office successes. The actress has instead starred in independent films such as In The Land of Women and Serious Moonlight.

She has also enjoyed expanding her skillset within the film and television industry, making her directorial debut with the drama film Ithaca in 2015, which she also starred in.

Billy Crystal as Harry Burns

when harry met sally cast
Billy Crystal.

Billy Crystal, now 71, played the frustratingly charming Harry Burns.

The actor went on to host an astounding nine Academy Awards shows. He also voiced the character of Mike Wazowski in 'Monsters, Inc' and has overall enjoyed a very successful career.

More recently, he has starred in HBO stand-up special '700 Sundays' and in the past few years has been on tour with his comedy show Spend the Night with Billy Crystal.


Carrie Fisher as Marie

when harry met sally cast
Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher played best friend, Marie, who Sally tried to set up with Harry (thank heavens that didn't work out).

Fisher was best known for her role before When Harry Met Sally as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. Since her part in the rom-com classic she starred in a number of films including Scream 3, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, and Wonderland.

The actress also authored two memoirs detailing her personal struggles with drinking and shock therapy: ‘Wishful Drinking’ and ‘Shockaholic’.

Sadly, she passed away in 2016 at age 60 after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

Bruno Kirby as Jess

when harry met sally cast
Bruno Kirby.

Bruno Kirby played Jess, Harry's best friend, who Harry tried to set up with Sally, only for him to fall in love with Marie.

After the film, Kirby starred in a number of other blockbusters, including: Donnie Brasco, The Godfather Part II and Good Morning, Vietnam. 

Before his final role a a guest on the HBO series 'Entourage', Kirby passed away in 2006 at the age of 57 from leukaemia-related complications.

Steven Ford as Joe

when harry met sally cast
Steven Ford is the son of President Gerald Ford.

Steven Ford, now 63, played Joe, a boyfriend of Sally. Steven was in fact the son of former President Gerald Ford and pursued a career in acting after his When Harry Met Sally stint.

He was better known for his role in The Young and the Restless but also had supporting roles in Starship Troopers and Black Hawk Down. His last role was in 2007 appearing in Transformers.

Now he is a member of the Gerald R. Ford Foundation board and seems to have stopped acting.