The Netflix gods have pinpointed the exact moment you get addicted to their TV shows.

You know that moment when you go from casually watching a TV show to literally not being able to think about anything else but that?

I remember it took me until about three episodes into Friday Night Lights (if you haven’t watched, you should, just do it) to become seriously committed to the show.

And, I mean, seriously committed.

That moment when you transition from a casual watcher to a binge-watcher has actually been discovered by the almighty TV gods, Netflix.

That’s right. They can now track the moment you go from “this is okay” to:


The point where viewers became fans was considered the episode that kept at least 70 per cent of people watching until the end of the first season.

Netflix’s recent studies revealed the four shows that have individuals who have watchers hooked from just the second episode.

It’s no surprise Stranger Things, and Grey’s Anatomy are among them, also including the musical drama, The Get Down and crime drama, The Fall.

By the fourth episodes, people can’t stop watching Making a Murder, American Horror Story, and Fuller House.

Listen to our TV experts break down Stranger Things. (Post continues after audio.)

Surprisingly, it took until the SEVENTH episodes of Jane the Virgin and Gilmore Girls for people to get keen.

Personally, both of those shows had me at hello (TV pun clearly intended).

What is even more interesting is what made people stay.

Love was a big player. Episode seven of Gilmore Girls was Rory’s first kiss (amazing), and Meredith and McDreamy getting “steamy” in an elevator of Grey’s Anatomy.


Fear of the unknown kept people around in Jessica Jones and Stranger Things, and crime and corruption for shows like Making a Murderer.

Probably, the most unexpected part of all, it was the puppies in episode four of Fuller House that compelled people to stick around.

That’s right, puppies.