Here are the exact times the new 'Gilmore Girls' will drop on Netflix in each Aussie state.

There are approximately three days and 14 hours until that magical moment when you will settle down in from of your TV, curl up with a blanket and a BIG cup of coffee and watch the opening moments of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival.


How do we know this?

Well, my friends, our good friends at Netflix have just released the EXACT TIMES the four-part revival series will be dropping into our queues.

Rosie recaps the first seven seasons of Gilmore Girls on The Binge:

They have, of course, catered for the wide range of time zones we experience here in Australia, and released an image that lets all Aussie fans of the fast-talking mother and daughter duo from Stars Hollow when they can start watching.

Gilmore Girls Netflix
It's time to set your alarms! Image via Netflix.

(Oh, and those kids from across the pond in New Zealand are also included, too).

If you're in Sydney, Melbourne or Tassie, cancel EVERY SINGLE PLAN you have made for after 7pm. Queensland folks will be all ready to start the Team Dean/Team Logan/Team Jess drama from 6pm.

And those who live in Western Australia? Let's just say you might have to leave work early on Friday because "you have a really sore throat", because your call time is 4pm.