We're calling it: This is the greatest fail in Wheel of Fortune's history.

Are you having a not-so-great day?

Maybe you slept through your alarm and were late for work. Maybe you spilled coffee on your white shirt as you were walking into a meeting.

Maybe you woke up thinking it was Friday for some reason, and just realised it’s not.

Whatever the reason you’re not feeling so hot, prepare to feel just a little bit better.

Because no matter how bad your day is, this Wheel of Fortune clip will make everything better.

On an episode of the long-running syndicated game show earlier this week, contestant Kevin was so close to victory he could taste it.

With two blank spaces remaining, Kevin guessed “C”, leaving him with the following puzzle:


Kevin spun the wheel again, luckily avoiding landing on ‘Bankrupt’ and landing on $600 – meaning he got to give the last letter and solve the puzzle.

“K!” called out Kevin confidently.


Everyone – the host, Kevin’s fellow contestant, the studio audience, and the audience at home, everyone in the entire world – went silent.

Then there was a gasp, a few groans from the audience, and a buzzer.

“…Noo,” said host Pat Sajak, and handed control of the Wheel to contestant Lisa, who managed to know that Tennessee Williams’ 1947 Pulitzer Prize-winning play is called A Streetcar NaMed Desire, not A Streetcar NaKed Desire.

Kevin could do nothing but shake his head.

Sajak gave his congratulations to Lisa. But he did add, “Although you got the right answer, I’d rather see Kevin’s play.”

So would Twitter, it turns out.


Kevin, I’m sorry this happened to you, and I’m sorry for the schadenfreude, but thank you. I’m feeling better already.

Oh, and if you’re reading this, porn industry? And I’m sure that you are, as you’re all close followers of my work, please get on this.

I expect to see A Streetcar Naked Desire starring Ten-I-See Willing by the week’s end.

This post originally appeared on Spring.St, Mamamia’s American sister site. You can read it here.