You can finally bold text on WhatsApp. Here's how.

When it comes to expressing emotion via text, WhatsApp users have been forced to rely on a little bank of emojis. Until now.

Thanks to the latest update, the world’s most popular messenger service (it’s got half-a-billion users!) FINALLY allows the use of bold, italics and strikethrough on text. At last! No longer will people underestimate/misinterpret just how angry/excited/shocked we are.

To access the new features you’ll need to download the newest version of the app. From there, you’ve got a few little hacks to learn.

To bold text, just bookend it with asterisks. For example, “We’re *really* happy about this whole bold thing.”

For italicised words, use an _underscore_ on either side.

Finally, if you want to strike through what you’ve written just add a pair of tildes. That’s ~these bad boys~.

So now that you know, go forth and spread your feels.

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