Kiss Bang Love contestant Geordie's tips for snogging strangers.

Tonight Australia will watch on as Melbourne carpenter Geordie looks for love, er, blindfolded.

In his quest to find The One, the Kiss Bang Love contestant valiantly pashed 20 women in a row.

It took 15 hours, apparently.

“I was there from seven in the morning until 10 at night,” he told the Herald Sun.

“The process of doing it, going through each kiss, and talking about every kiss, is very long.”

Missed the last episode? Here’s what they thought on The Binge:

Even for a teenager, 15 hours of straight snogging would undoubtedly present a challenge. So, how did he manage it?

“I kissed the first 12 [women] one after another, then had a break… and ate a lot of breath mints.”

Breath mints. That’s the secret.

According to Geordie AKA the “tradie lookin’ for a lady”, there are no rules on the show.

You can use tongue, chuck in a cheeky nibble… whatever this is:


ROMANCE. Source: Channel 7

"[The producers] said: 'Do what you feel is natural,' he explained, 'but I didn't want to be grabbing them all over their body while kissing'."

Geordie's a gentleman, you guys. So, what was he looking for if not a little over the shirt action on national television?

"A connection. There were kisses I didn’t connect with. They didn’t feel natural," he said.

"But some of the kisses were amazing. They were natural, confident, the soft texture of her lips and how everything worked together."

So, the question remains: Did Geordie find The One? Or did he pash and dash?

"I found what I wanted, and it’s going really well," he said.

We'll just have to tune in to find out who the naturally-confident-soft-textured-lip girl is, I guess.

In the meantime, here's a gallery of the hottest TV kisses of all time:

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