What's in your boot, Sandra Sully? The car must-haves of a legendary news anchor.

For some women, a car is just for transport. For others, it operates more like an extension of their handbag, or as a rolling mobile storage unit.

Call it curiosity. Call it nosiness. But we’ve always wondered what people haul around day-to-day when they hit the road. So we asked…

And Sydney’s legendary television journalist Sandra Sully was kind enough to answer.

What was the first car you ever owned?

“My first car was a little Mazda 323 – I was so excited. I took out my first loan for it and it took me quite a few years to pay it off.”

You’re an Audi ambassador now. What are you driving at the moment?

“Right now, I drive an Audi A7. I feel very spoilt and it’s a dream to drive. It’s got great pick-up when I need it, and the driver assist sensors really help in hectic Sydney traffic.”

what's in your boot sandra sully
The contents of Sandra Sully's boot are very practical. Image: Supplied.

Most importantly, what's in your boot?

"I always have sunglasses, sunscreen and phone charger cables in my car, as I love being outdoors and am always working on the run.

"I also pack a pair of thongs in the boot for that last minute dash for a pedicure, as well as hand cream, an umbrella, a spare baseball cap and sun hat.

"I hate being cold and being caught out, so a spare wind cheater…for windy days.

"Togs, goggles and a towel are also a must to make the most of a bright, sunny day."

What items do you always have in your car? Tell us in the comments below.

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