What’s for dinner tonight at your place?

Dinner Is Served! by Doctor Beef

In the absence of Masterchef, I would love to say I have taken great inspiration and kicked my culinary arse into better shape. Alas, I haven’t. The other night I had Cornflakes for dinner. My key ingredient was….Cornflakes.

And I also managed to burn another lasagna (vegetarian this time) and I’m NOT EVEN KIDDING. I was delighted to read on Twitter on Monday that Kerri Sackville had also been inspired by the Masterchef finale and had cooked frankfurts. You can’t say we don’t try….

So, it’s Thursday night and what’s for dinner tonight at your place? I am actually going out to participate in a forum for the Garvan Research Institute. Charles Firth from The Chaser is going to be moderating a debate about genetic testing and the ethics of how it is used in IVF etc. I’m the only speaker who isn’t a professor or a doctor (hell, I don’t even have an arts degree!) so it should be not nerve-wracking at all.

I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Back to dinner. From my local cafe, I bought a shepherd’s pie for the babysitter to give the kids and some pasta salad which I scoffed for lunch. Dinner will probably be a couple of pieces of toast and peanut butter and possibly a small glass of wine when I get to the forum. You know, just to wet my whistle.

How about you?


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