What your style choices say about you.

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When it comes to fashion, your style choices say a lot about your personality. We’ve put together a quiz so you can figure out exactly what your style profile is, and which of this season’s trends have your name written all over them.


We don’t need to explain fashion to you, it’s in your blood. Always in the know, you’re ahead of the game when it comes to new trends. You spot them on the runway and you're the first one to pick up the dupe (or real thing) in a chainstore. You know there’s a time and a place for splurging on a good quality buy. Colour, new prints, textures - you love experimenting with it all. You know the value of holding onto treasured items from the past because they always have a way of making a comeback (hello, ‘70s flairs).

Your AW16 trends: Fashion Flashbacks, Rose & Rouge

Your motto? Old is new again. Flairs and bell sleeves are what you’ll be spending on. Be sure to invest in a bold, coloured coat.


You’re the first to point out that looking stylish doesn’t need to involve pain, particularly in the form of high heels. Your wardrobe is full of staples you can wear to work and beyond. Comfy denim, black tailored pants, crisp white shirts and T-shirts (all of the T-shirts).

Your AW16 trends: Signature Black Style, Classic Yet Modern Workwear

Ah, black. Is there any colour more versatile? This season play with texture and invest in hero pieces to take your work wardrobe into the weekend, like a classic leather jacket or a structured casual blazer. Try mixing it up a little with a pop of colour - repeat after us: A bold red lip never goes out of fashion.

Classics lover.

You live your life on the dress code “smart casual” because it means you strike that clever balance between dressy and not dressy enough. Sticking to the tried and tested classics (natural makeup, blazers, ballet flats and a crisp white T-shirt) means you can never go wrong, and you’ll never be out of style.

Your AW16 Trend: Stripes and Plaid, Lace

You’ve probably already got a wardrobe full of staple pieces so let’s not mess with a good thing. With stripes and plaid making a comeback in a big way, this is your time to shine: a woven striped jumper thrown over blue jeans will be your everyday go-to. Mix it up with a few contemporary plaid prints to refresh your look.

Netflix chic.

Yes, you’re a woman with the motivation of Beyonce, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it from your couch. Or at very least, in a style that would be suitable for a Netflix session. Your style is relaxed, cosy and comfy. Layering is your best friend when it comes to clothing.

Your AW16 Trends: Ultimate Knits, Denim Tribe

This season, up your couch attire by investing in quality knitwear will allow you to BYO blanket. There’s nothing cosier than a wide-knit turtleneck jumper, and if you’re not convinced, start with a woollen scarf and you’ll be a member of the knit club soon enough.

How would you describe your personal style?