What does your handwriting reveal about your personality?

I don’t know why people walk around in living in a crisis of identity.

“What’s the meaning of life”?

“Who am I, really?”

I’ve always been in the know

It all started when my parents christened me Sophie. My name means wisdom and ipso facto, I am very wise. Additionally, I was born in June, and according to the power of the birthstone ‘Pearl’ I promote prosperity and longevity (this probably has something to do with my wisdom, no doubt).

And then!

The doyen of all inner-self aspects, the zodiac. As a Cancer, the back pages of well-thumbed teen magazines told me that I was a shy, homebody who was very sensitive. Ah, I wondered why I felt like Jessica Simpson, Kathy Bates and myself were such kindred spirits. The position of the moon, the shy crab – it all makes sense now.

But hang on…  I write my ‘O’s without a close? I dot my ‘I’s to the left?… What is this?? Talkative, social, expressive? What happened to the shy, sensitive homebody?

Er, I think I’m having an identity crisis. Someone get me a dream diary, stat.

Here’s what your handwriting says about you:

What do your scribbles say about you? Are you a top or a mid T-striker?

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