The viral tweet about showering only women will understand.

Today, we found a tweet that spoke to our very souls.

Which doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it makes us feel a bit like this:


It’s about showering and, hello, the woman who crafted it appears to be all of us.


Yes. Yes we can wholeheartedly confirm.

Honestly, have truer words ever been spoken? I have literally had every single one of those four showers this week alone. I even have specific shower products for each one. (I save the really nice-smelling expensive stuff for the “proper” shower as well as the “depressed” shower, unless the “depressed” shower is brought on by a hangover, in which case my body is not worthy).

And I’m not the only one.

Here’s how the female population of the internet reacted:



Some even had extra showers to add to the list:



That last one is…too real.

The men? Well, their responses were equal parts terrifying and…typical:


Shout out to the internet for existing, uniting us, and giving our entire lives validation.