Here's what Princess Charlotte will look like in 10 years.

Yes, she’s lovely, but it’s creepy.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were both pretty sweet-looking as kids — so it’s no surprise Princess Charlotte is expected to follow in their footsteps in the cute stakes.

Photos: A G Carrick (L), Middleton family (R)

But while any of us could guess that the royal baby is likely to grow up with her parents’ dark hair (and talent for waving at large crowds), a professional forensic artist has actually created an image predicting how royal baby #2 might look in a decade.

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US forensic artist Joe Mullins has created an image of how the princess might look at age 10 using the latest computer technology.

After studying photos of Prince William and the Duchess as children, he produced an image showing Charlotte with brunette hair, a prominent chin and olive skin.

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Here it is:

Joe Mullins, based in Washington, told the Daily Mail he’s prepared similar predictions for celebrity children including Suri Cruise.

“I was inspired after seeing some other versions of celebrity children that were done. I remember thinking ‘those things look scary. I could do something more accurate,” he said.

“My day job means I have acquired a skill which means it is always in the ball park.”

What do you think of the image?

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