What were your BEST and WORST moments of the week?


BEST: At the end of last week I did my last book store appearance to talk about my book. It was at Gertrude and Alice bookshop in Bondi and my mum and sister-in-law and mother-in-law all came. So did a whole bunch of other people, even though it was at the ugodly hour of 7:15am. Props.

Such a lovely, warm, receptive audience and having had almost a month-long rest from book promotion, it was such a delight to connect with women who had read my story and were enthusiastic enough to set their alarms.

WORST: I was asked to do yet another media interview about body image and the advisory group’s report. This particular request rang a couple of alarm bells but I ignored my instincts (MISTAKE) and did it anyway. With all the media and interview experience I have, I’m still learning that I can say no or stop and interview part way through if I’m uncomfortable. I didn’t.

And – surprise not – it was a total stitch up. I was pissed off. Not just because my words were crudely edited to make a misleading point and totally misrepresented what I was saying but also because I wasted time brushing my hair, putting on make-up and getting there and back. Time I’d have much rather spent writing MM posts. Next time I’ll listen to my gut.

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