Best and Worst bits of the week


It’s come to that time of the week again when we share our best and worst. And as we get closer to publishing Mamamia 3.0,  we are getting busier and publishing more posts every day. This week, we were totally overwhelmed by the tragedy and devastation seen by New Zealanders when a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch. We also discussed the end of bookshops and discrimination within church organisations, Libya and Justin Bieber’s stance on abortion.

On a lighter note, we also reminisced about our worst dates, laughed at the stupidest questions we’ve ever heard or asked and sang along with the winner of Tropfest. We also celebrated the hiring of two new Mamamia team members– yay!

So- best and worst. If you haven’t commented before, why not do it this week? There’s something strangely therapeutic about sharing the highs and lows of your week here. And don’t forget to tell us what’s on your mind.

The giant cockroach in my car

As for me..

Best: I saw our new site built and finished for the first time this week. And it’s BLOODY EXCITING. We’re currently testing it and should be ready to go live in the next week or two.

Worst: I was driving in heavy traffic when I felt a tickle on my arm. After ignoring it for a moment, I looked down and saw a giant cockroach crawling towards my elbow. It was the size of my little finger. Lucky the traffic was heavy because I wasn’t going very fast. And lucky I was nearly home. Having pulled up outside my house, I opened my door and it fell onto the ground:

On My Mind: to everyone in Christchurch, you’re in my thoughts and my heart. Deepest sympathy and support. xxxxxx

And here are the pics we’re talking about this week…