What was for dinner last night at your place?

Screenshot_01 I totally forgot to post this yesterday – it has become something of a Thursday MM tradition (thanks to Jane for reminding me of this this morning). This was due to the fact that I had a JOURNALIST in my house interviewing me about my book which totally freaked me out and I will be writing about shortly…..


So anyway, Jason picked up a bbq chicken and some greens and we all ate separately while doing our various things. Fed the little ones scrambled eggs and toast earlier. It really was a most disastisfying meal, mostly because the carb component was missing. I live for carbs. If I had ever done Atkins, I would have starved to death.


Luca insisted on making Jason buy me an apple crumble from the chicken shop so I scoffed that later on the couch while reading all the incredibly moving comments left for Jaz on the post about depression (if you know anyone touched by depression, please send them the link to that post).

What did you eat last night?

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