'It's my job to watch TV. Here are 10 shows and movies you should definitely watch this month.'

It's well and truly July, folks, and streaming services this month have delivered like it's Christmas... in... July. 

For two weeks, there will be a stacked Olympics viewing schedule on Stan Sport with Aussie heroes like Bree Masters, the Matildas and Emma McKeon gunning for glory (and gold) — and yes, I will be right there watching it all unfold with tissues in hand because I'm a sucker for a success story.

As well as catching the Olympic breakdancing (a new sport that's been added that I will definitely be tuning in to), I recommend avoiding the cold by spending time on the couch, making your way through a hearty offering of some very excellent shows and movies.

Make this the month you truly commit to being a couch goblin and add these winners to your watch list.

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder.

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder. Image: Stan.


Five years after schoolgirl Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend Sal Singh, Pip Fitz-Amobi (Emma Myers) decides to revisit the case. Why? She's not convinced Sal was the murderer... and she just might be onto something.

The BBC series A Good Girl's Guide to Murder is based on the wildly popular YA novel by Holly Jackson and is undoubtedly steered for a Gen Z audience. Having said that, there's definitely enough mystery and dazzle to get older viewers hooked too. This is coming-of-age sleuth-ery at its best.

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder is available to stream now, only on Stan.


Asher Keddie and David Wenham in Fake. Image: Paramount+.


This new drama is based on a true story, inspired by Stephanie Wood's memoir FakeThe eight-part series tells the story of Birdie Bell (played by Asher Keddie), a magazine features writer who matches with a grazier named Joe Burt (David Wenham) on a dating app and quickly believes that she's found her perfect match. 

But as their relationship intensifies, Birdie begins to discover that her boyfriend might be spinning a web of lies and it's up to her to decide if she wants to find out the truth.

Fake is now streaming on Paramount+ Australia. 

Find Me Falling.

Harry Connick Jr. and Ali Fumiko Whitney in Find Me Falling. Image: Netflix.


Harry Connick Jr. making a return to movies playing a handsome, brooding rock star? Truly say no more. And yet, we will because Netflix's latest rom-com Find Me Falling is the stuff your mum has always dreamed about. 

The scene is set in Cyprus, Greece, where John Allman (Connick Jr) goes to hide away after his latest album was a flop. On a quest to ~find himself~ he, of course, discovers love as well — and croons on the guitar.

Perfect viewing for a night in with popcorn and a block of chocolate. 

Find Me Falling premieres on Netflix July 19.

Space Cadet.

Emma Roberts in Space Cadet. Image: Amazon Studios.


Remember when Emma Roberts starred in the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous? She's come a wildly long way since then, with the former child star (and niece of Julia Roberts) proving time and time again she's got the chops to succeed on screen. 

Roberts back in Amazon Studios film Space Cadet playing Tiffany 'Rex' Simpson who, after doctoring an application, finds herself in a NASA space program. Silly, easy watching for those nights when you want to give your brain a little rest.


Space Cadet is now streaming on Prime Video.

Lady in the Lake.

Natalie Portman in Lady in the Lake. Image: Apple TV+

A gritty, true crime series with Natalie Portman at the helm? Instantly, yes. 

Set in the 1960s, Lady in the Lake centres around investigative journalist Maddie's (Portman) quest to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of two women in Baltimore. Based on Laura Lippmann's novel of the same name, this story is based on the true crime cases that took place 1969 and is one not to miss. 


Watch Lady in the Lake on Apple TV+ from July 19, for a limited time.

Paris 2024 Olympics.

Hosts of Stan Sport's Paris 2024 Olympics coverage. Image: Stan.

Every four years, when the Olympics roll around, we suddenly become experts in every sport by parroting soundbites from the very professional hosts on the TV. The good news is, we're going to sound like we know what we're talking about because this year, Stan Sport has rallied an epic line-up of commentators and experts to take you through every glorious moment of the Paris 2024 Olympics.


Tune in to see your fave sporting heroes vie for a spot on the podium while commentators like Ash Barty, Stephanie Rice and Nova Peris guide you every step of the way.

Competition kicks off July 24, on Stan.

The Decameron.

Zosia Mamet in The Decameron. Image: Netflix.


If you've been rewatching Girls to get a dose of Zosia Mamet's witty, off-beat comedy, you can now catch her in a brand new series coming to Netflix. 

This time the American actress is swapping New York City for 14th century Florence, Italy at a time when the bubonic plague had Europe in its clutches. While that all sounds a bit heavy, this take on the catastrophic plague is full of laughs and ironic quips as a group of nobles bunker down in a villa together. 

Described by showrunner Kathleen Jordan as being like "Love Island, but back in the day", I definitely recommend dipping into this one (even if it does seems a little too soon to be watching a show about a pandemic...).

Stream The Decameron on Netflix from July 25.

Those About To Die.

Anthony Hopkins in Those About To Die. Image: Prime.


In the spirit of the Olympics, let's take it all the way back to Ancient Rome where gladiatorial events were the entertainment du jour. While sporting competitions certainly have gotten a little less, erm, violent it's still interesting to look back on these ancient practices. 

Those About To Die promises to bring a very intense look at the mechanics of gladiator competitions, and with Sir Anthony Hopkins taking on a lead role, you know this is quality viewing.

Stream Those About To Die on Prime Video from July 19.

The Zone of Interest.

Sandra Hüller in The Zone of Interest. Image: A24.


One of the most talked-about films to come out of awards season this year was The Zone of Interest. And it you didn't catch it at the cinema, the haunting holocaust drama is coming to Stan this month, and it's well worth a watch for fans of director Jonathan Glazer's work. 

Step behind the walls of camp commandant Rudolf Höss' (Christian Friedel) villa in Auschwitz, as he and his family go about their seemingly blissful life — all while horrific atrocities take place in the concentration camps just metres away. 

An unsettling story but brilliant acting from the likes of Sandra Hüller, who plays Rudolf's wife Hedwig.

Watch The Zone of Interest on Stan now.


Rashida Jones in Sunny. Image: Apple TV+


The premise for Sunny is undeniably intriguing. Meet Suzie, an American woman living in Kyoto, Japan who endures an unimaginable tragedy when her husband and son going missing in a plane crash. 

While dealing with her grief, she is gifted a robot made by her husband's electronics company and the two develop an unusual poignant friendship. If that feels a bit too involved to get you interested, you should know that Rashida Jones stars as the lead, Suzie — that was enough to get us hooked.

Steam Sunny on Apple TV+ from July 10.

Feature Image: Netflix, BBC.

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