"I've got it down to an art form." What to pack for your holiday, according to Mamamia's fashion team.

Travel is back on the agenda – and so too is travel fashion.

But let's be honest: Packing is the lowlight of any holiday. Trying to cull down your wardrobe, finding things for different occasions, fitting it all in the suitcase – it's a lot. 

So, to help provide some handy tips and a bit of fashion inspiration, Mamamia's fashion experts are here to help! On a recent episode of What Are You Wearing?, co-hosts Deni Todorović and Tamara Holland shared their own thoughts when it comes to packing for all different types of trips.

So whether you're going to sit by the pool in Bali, stay in a hotel in Melbourne, go camping along the coast or are off to Europe for summer, they have curated a packing list ready for you.

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How to Pack.

Some people just throw a bunch of clothes into a suitcase and hope for the best – not Deni.

"I pack outfits rather than just pieces," they say. "As a former stylist, I have been packing my way for probably the last five years."

"I typically have a fitting the night before I'm packing. I take photos of each outfit on my iPhone before putting it in the suitcase so I have each outfit on file – it's especially good for big overseas holidays. With interstate vibes, even outfit packing is the way to go," they said.

"I write down my schedule and section it into AM and PM, meaning AM and PM outfits and figure out how many of each I need."

Another key tip is packing cells, which are all the rage – and for good reason. Two brands recommended on the podcast included T.HOUSE and July.

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Must-haves essentials per destination according to Tamara and Deni:

A city staycation in winter: "The city always calls for denim, often denim jeans either from Zara or Kmart – usually a boyfriend high-waisted jean. Next, given Ubers are available everywhere, it's time to pull out the fun heels. Plus, a chic turtleneck. I would say a really great statement Ena Pelly jacket or coat is needed. Last is a slip black dress or something like that to pair with the coat – perfect for dinner and drinks where there is heating."


A tropical holiday: "It's a time to experiment, so I would go for a slightly more elevated holiday look – think kaftans, a beach cover-up, big oversized sunnies and hats. Dial-up the Kris Jenner energy with the accessories – a bright-coloured shoe, a statement bikini or some chunky jewellery."

A winter festival: "A hero of festival dressing is Kate Moss at Glastonbury. I would say think about the shoes up – you want a pair of wellies, Dr Martens or protective sneakers. A trench coat is good, then you can wear your fun festival outfit underneath and be warm. Festivals are the perfect time to embrace character dressing. You can start with a fabulous type of shaggy coat, a studded denim jacket or a faux-fur piece. And embrace the shiny and metallic tones underneath the coat."

Camping: "A camping holiday is an Australian rite of passage. A shacket (combination of a shirt and a jacket) is a must, plus they're everywhere at the moment. It's all about finding items you can rotate. Take soft luggage rather than an actual suitcase. And think casual pieces like track pants, slip-on leggings, Birkenstocks or comfy slides. Last but not least, a fabulous puffer can go a long way."


Deni Todorović, co-host of What Are You Wearing?

For Deni, there are two main items they recommend: sets and shirt dresses. 

"When it comes to pieces, I have found so much joy in wearing sets. Because with sets, they can double up as multi-wear. You can split a set and get three good outfits out of it with the top and trousers separately or together," Deni said on What Are You Wearing?.

As for shirt dresses, they're also versatile. They can be worn as a dress or layered with jeans or linen pants and make great beach cover-ups. Last but not least, Deni's final tip was to make sure you pack good footwear, saying it's the most important thing they pack for a trip.

"I try to travel with no more than three pairs of shoes. I feel like I've got it down to an art form! I've got a pair of sneakers, a leather sandal and a platform heel – that's all you need. The holy trinity. It's about comfort but also you can wear them for many different occasions."

Tamara Holland, Head of Lifestyle at Mamamia and co-host of What Are You Wearing?

Tamara spent her honeymoon in Europe, meaning she had plenty of hacks and outfit ideas front of mind and ready to share.


"I do think I've got a pretty good formula here," she said on the podcast. "A throw-on dress is a must, and something that can be styled a few ways. I would probably go with a linen one – something that is comfortable. I would recommend trying a brand like DISSH."

Tamara also recommended sets, particularly ones from Australian brand LMND, and lady startup KINGA CSILLA.

"I wore this bright check Gingham one from KINGA CSILLA. I wore it in Santorini and I felt like a rockstar. It was such a good outfit because it's linen and casual, but you can dress it up or dress it down," she said.

Another go-to clothing item was Plisse pants – breezy enough for warm weather but also great in spring and autumn too. 

"They are kind of everywhere at the moment, but they have this silky, stretchy pant. I have a black and creamy ivory pair. You can dress it up as evening wear with a little crop top or silk shirt, but you can also dress them down for a pool day or beach trip," she said. Plus, the material doesn't crease, which is perfect for packing!

As for swimmers, Tamara recommended a classic bikini – something that is a simple colour and not too statement-ey – so that it goes with everything. And to pair with any outfit, Tamara opted for a good chunky sandal


"Birkenstocks were great because cobblestone streets are difficult – you want a flat base on your sandal, you want something chunky and comfortable."

Leigh Campbell, Executive Editor at Mamamia and beauty expert. 

Leigh Campbell recently got back home from Italy, having spent a few weeks over there with her husband and son. And she very generously shared plenty of travel tips and outfit ideas on her Instagram.

For swimmers, Leigh recommended the Ribbed Padded Plunge Swimsuit one-piece from Marks and Spencers.

"It's the best swimsuit to ever exist. I have it in four colours and wear it often as a top," she shared. She paired the swimwear tops with statement sunglasses, flowy skirts and some sandals.

She also loved wearing some long, printed dresses – perfect for European summer weather – from brands such as ALÉMAIS, ANNA QUAN, Sportscraft and Kivari the Label. As for accessories, there's nothing better than a big pair of sunglasses and a sizeable tote. 

"My tote was $5 from Kmart, which I bought right before we left because I wanted a big bag that zipped shut that could go on dirty floors etc."


Packing essentials included plenty of zip-lock bags – which came in handy for carrying food for her young son – and packing cubes from planepal.


Charlie Begg, Lifestyle Writer at Mamamia.

Charlie went off to Hawaii in May and went to Thailand earlier in the year as well.

As Charlie's most recent holiday involved plenty of exploring, she recommended packing a few different activewear options – they don't take up much room in a suitcase and can be mixed and matched. 

Additional outfit go-to's were denim shorts and a white T-shirt, throw-over linen shirts, comfy slides, a knit dress or two and matching co-ord sets. All of which are perfect for the warmer weather. 

She also shared the five products she actually used while on holiday, recommending what to take and what's not worth adding to your luggage. You can read more on that here.

Happy travels! Do you have any packing tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Instagram @_tamaradavis_, @charliebegg, @leighacampbell.

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