Got an old cot? Here's how to make it work in your home.

Note: Do NOT sell it, give it away or take it to the tip.

You have to buy so many things when you have a baby. Prams, car seats, cots, high chairs and change tables (just to name a few).

Once our kids are all grown up and grown out of these items we tend to sell them, give them away or simply throw them in to the recycling. But hold that thought.

If you have an old cot lying around (that you were keeping for the grand kids, maybe?) then get excited.

You can actually create so many awesome pieces of furniture and housing decorations from old cots. From stylish jewellery hangers, to chairs, beds and lounges – it’s time for some serious DIY action.

The options are endless. SCROLL THROUGH the gallery for some inspiration…

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