Here's exactly what to do if you haven't received your marriage equality letter.

If you’re still waiting by the letterbox for your marriage equality postal vote letter, you should know it’s not coming.

With the Australian Bureau of Statistics warning all votes should have been sent out by Monday the 25th of September, it’s now up to you to take action if yours has gotten lost along the way.

The good news? It couldn’t be easier to request a new form. Here’s what you have to do:

    1. Head to the ABS website.
    2. Follow the prompts to fill out your details (full name, date of birth, email address, reason for requesting a replacement form and your electoral roll address).
    3. Provide either your driver’s liscence or Australian passport details.
    4. Check the box to agree to your information being used to verify your identity.
    5. Press ‘Submit’.

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Once you’ve submitted your request, you will be emailed within 48 hours if your identity has been verified. Your letter will then be re-sent and should reach you within seven to 10 business days.

Do it now. It only takes five minutes to make sure you end up on the right side of history.