"It'd suck to be this woman's kid." A mum made her son's friends sign a 'sleepover contract'.

Ahhh sleepovers.

There’s simply nothing better than rocking up to your friend’s house already in your pyjamas, with lollies stashed in your sleeping bag. You stay up all night watching movies your mum doesn’t let you watch at home and daring your friends to do embarrassing things you swear will stay in the privacy of the group, but will really be talked about at school next week.

For parent’s though, the joys of sleepovers can sometimes be tainted by the pain of dealing with multiple sugar highs, comforting the occasional crying kid, and suffering through random bursts of screaming at 2am just as you’re dozing off to sleep.

To tackle this, one mum made her son’s friends sign a contract before they’re allowed to sleepover at her house.

Yes, an actual contract.

The mum posted the list of rules to her Instagram story on Sunday and a Reddit user has since shared the photo.

The first rule lays down a firm ban on tickling or touching, which if breached, will result in an immediate penalty that will remain in place “until pickup time”.

The contract also calls for the changing of clothes to be done separately and a complete ban on complaining of any kind.

If a child did want to talk to the mum, they must “wait to have my attention and acknowledgement before you start speaking to me”.

Image: Reddit.

The mum's list of demands also includes "no shouting, interrupting or blasting the TV or iPad".

The children are then required to sign and date the contract to acknowledge the rules and penalties in place.

Since the list was uploaded to Reddit four days ago, it has gone viral, receiving more than 1000 comments and over 18,500 upvotes.

And most people seem to think the mum's taken it a step too far.

"This lady’s kids are going to have NO friends," one person commented.

"That is completely insane," said another.

"Very bizarre... does she realise that her son probably changes for gym at school?" another comment read.

"Honestly if I had kids and one of their friends' parents expected them to sign something like this I don't think I'd be comfortable letting my kid go spend the night."

"It must suck to be this woman's kid," another joked.

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