Here's what you can do to keep the fight alive after the Women's March.

They’re all wearing pink, knitted “pussy” hats. It must be cold; they’re in big jackets. There are lots of them, their voices rising above the crowd. They’re clicking their fingers to a single beat and singing as one.

I can’t keep quiet. No, I can’t keep quiet. For anyone. Any more.

These women had not met before the Women’s March on Washington DC on January, 21st. They all come from different states, they had only rehearsed online.

These women are from different states and never met before the march. Image via Facebook.

It was a beautiful moment. It's been shared on social media 100,000 times. It shows the power of coming together, that unified voices can - quite literally - drown out the hate.

Both this symbol, and the song itself, is about speaking up and speaking out.

It's a good starting point. But that is all: a starting point.

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In our pride for attending the Women's Marches around the world, in our elation that millions, upon millions, of women and men showed up to fight for equality, we must remember: it does not end here.

The Women's March organisers in Sydney prepared for this. There were brochures circulating among the crowd, reminding us how to continue our action after the weekend.

It's a bid to maintain motivation following the march, to keep the fire burning in our bellies and further fuel our fight for change.

Pledge of action at The Women's March in Sydney. Image by Mamamia.

The flyer is a pledge, it reads:

I promise to:

  • Volunteer in my community.
  • Pay attention to what my elected officials are doing and speak out.
  • Support women in the arts, business, sports and politics.
Now is the time for action. (Getty)

It's an important reminder to us all that placards and posters and tee-shirts and "pussy hats" are one thing, but achieving real change takes time and patience and smarts and team work.

Together, we are stronger and now is the time for action.

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