Mums confess their CBF (Can't Be F'd) dinner for their kids.

We’ve all been there – the nights when you just can’t be “f’d” making an Insta-worthy (or any) dinner for your family. It’s a normal human response to any moment in time when you have nothing left to give anyone – figuratively, and potentially literally.

But the family still needs to eat, right? Good parenting – and the law – dictates something edible must be served.  But when you’re completely over the day, and you can feel a C.B.F. (Can’t Be F’d) dinner coming on, it’s not easy to think of what to rustle up. You could do take away, or Uber Eats, but when you’re feeding a big family, that’s not the most cost-effective option.

So, in the interests of “The Village”, let’s all help each other out here:

What’s your go-to dish when you’re exhausted?

The exact opposite of what a CBF dinner (and cooking with kids) looks like. Source: Getty

This was a question that a member of The Motherish (Mamamia's Facebook parenting group), Lisa, asked recently, when she posted this comment with the below hilarious meme:

"Apart from this (lol) what does everyone cook the family when they CBF? Need more inspiration for the unmotivated nights. Atm do packet brown rice, grated veg, soy sauce and call it fried rice."

Far from basic answers such as two-minute-noodles or cereal, mums in the group enthusiastically responded to the very relatable post with what they do when they CBF.

The dinner you have when you CBF. Source: Facebook.

Tanya helpfully shared her go-to: chicken.

"My go to is a bbq chicken, break it up with your hands and put into a casserole dish and add 2 cans of Campbell’s chicken condensed soup. Oven for an hr and serve with bread and veg if u can be bothered. It’s yum!"

Indeed, BBQ Chicken was a popular choice, in the form of wraps with coleslaw and quesadillas.

Caroline said: "Fresh pasta from the supermarket, where it cooks in like 3 minutes. We like the three cheese tortellini or fettuccine with carbonara sauce (again like 3 mins in the microwave) with optional added bacon."

Emma had an Aldi-source special: "Our go to Aldi special: Wholemeal wraps with crunchy salad and buffalo spiced chicken pieces. Add mayo or hot sauce. Dinner in 16 minutes so yummy."

The use of a convenient Air Fryer was popular in the comments, for quick and mess-free cooking, as was tinned soup.

Ursula had the most delicious suggestion in our opinion:

"Breakfast for Dinner! Boiled eggs or omelette with mushrooms, bacon & toast - our Monday night CBF special!"

And finally, Nadia shared a frugal - and perfect  - suggestion: "Domino’s.... they’re always texting me with amazing deals."

What's your go-to dinner on CBF nights? Tell us in the comments!

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