What every twin wants to tell Bec Judd's baby boys.

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On Thursday afternoon, much-loved TV host Rebecca Judd gave birth to two healthy twin boys, Tom and Darcy.

Before she met them, they’d already spent nine months together. They’d shared a womb and grown side by side, entering the world completely unaware of what life would be like without the other. At just one day old, they have a bond not even their mother can understand.

Heehee- they are definitely boys. Darcy on the left, Tom on the right.

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But their unique entry to life means they’ll face challenges and have experiences other people will never know.

You see, I’m a twin too. For almost 26 years I’ve lived alongside my sister Jessie, who is a little bit taller, a little bit more confident, and 20 minutes younger than I am. I also have twin brothers, two years younger than my sister and I. Jack and Nick were named after dad’s favourite golfer Jack Nicklaus, but have absolutely no interest in golf. Parents are weird like that.

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So being the expert in twin-ness that I am, I want to say a few things to Tom and Darcy. From twin to twin. Because even though they can’t talk yet, I know that one day they’ll understand.

Clare and Jessie, Jack and Nick. Image supplied.

You're the best friends you'll ever have.

Every set of twins is different, but you'll never find a friend like your twin. He'll be on your side, even when you're completely in the wrong, he'll care about your stories, even when they're really, really boring, and he'll laugh at your jokes, because sometimes he'll be the only one who gets them.

You have the unimaginably special experience of having someone with you on your first day of school to tell you not to cry. You have someone who will always look out for you, and always include you - they'll choose you to be on their team every single time.


When friends come in and out of your life, teaching you about the world and the people in it, you'll always have each other.

You may be similar, but you're two different people.

I don't know you yet, but from your photos you look very, very similar. This will be a blessing and a curse. You can trick the people around you as all twins do at one time or another (even now, when I don't want to make a phone call, I pretend I'm Jessie - no one can tell the difference), and sometimes it's comforting to have someone who changes and grows the same as you do.

But people will refer to you collectively as 'the twins,' and after a while, you'll want to be your own person. You'll want to be recognised for your own talents and interests and not clumped with your brother. Remember that you're two different people - you'll be similar in some ways, and very different in others. Let your brother have his space to learn how to be himself, and give yourself the same space.

Hear Clare and Jessie talk about being twins on This Glorious Mess here:

Don't compete - too much.

It's tempting to turn everything into a competition when there are two of you. Who's faster? Who's stronger? Who's smarter? Who can annoy mum the most?

But don't let your status within your twin-ness define who you are. Having your brother get a higher mark than you on a test doesn't make you dumb, and having him receive accolades for his sporting achievements doesn't mean you don't have talent. Support each other when you win, and support each other when you lose. Both will happen - and they're always bittersweet.

Clare at Jessie's graduation. Image supplied.

At times you will want to punch each other in the face, and three minutes later you'll want to go to sleep next to each other.

Because you're so close, and you mean so much to each other, you'll have fights you don't have with anyone else. You'll yell and scream and say hurtful things, and you'll know exactly what to say to get under your brother's skin.

Sometimes you'll feel like life would've been easier if it had just been you - and you didn't have this other person with you all the time.

But when the dust settles, and the significance of whatever you've been fighting about fades into obscurity, you'll want to wake your brother up. Because you just had a really cool thought and you know exactly who to tell.

People will ask you weird questions.

The questions will shock you. Both my sister and I and our brothers have had people ask whether we're "siblings, twins, or just best friends."


Have you ever seen best friends who look like this?

Such good...friends. Image supplied.

Always, always say yes. It really confuses people.

You'll never really be alone.

No matter what happens, Tom and Darcy, you'll always have each other. Never forget that.

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