9 things to buy if you're doing a quick trip to the snow this winter.

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Anyone who’s ever travelled to the snow knows it’s an absolute nightmare if you don’t have the right gear.

Full disclosure – I don’t come from a ‘snow family’.

My first trip to the snow was a two-hour visit, as a stop on our way to Melbourne. Mum and Dad simply put raincoats over whatever else we were wearing, and all I remember is being really, really cold. I went to throw a snowball at my brother (obviously) but my woollen mittens became soaked, and I ended up spending a ridiculous amount of time under the hand dryer in the bathroom.

It wasn’t until I visited the snow with friends more than a decade later that I realised how much fun it can be. Skiing, snowboarding, dinner in front of a fireplace – it’s a one-of-a-kind type of holiday. But you need more than a raincoat and a pair of (wet) woollen mittens.

Now is an excellent time to plan a trip to the snow, with most resorts opening their ski season again in early June and staying open until September. Of course, there’s the added element of having been in lockdown for months, and most of us itching for a holiday, and the fact that there are restrictions on international travel without a clear end date. A local trip is safe, supports Australian businesses, and allows us to see the magic of our own backyard with our loved ones.

So here’s a definitive guide to what to buy if you’re going on a trip to the snow this winter.


Mountain Designs Womens Merino Blend Long Sleeve Stripe Top. RRP: $99.99. Image via Anaconda.

Thermals. Are. Everything.

They're the very basis of what you need if you're planning a trip to the snow.

Thermals work by taking the moisture off your skin to prevent you getting cold while keeping the heat close to your body, and Anaconda's range is breathable and odour-controlling - ideal for when you're taking part in extreme sports.

Fleece jumper

Helly Hansen Women's Daybreaker 1/2 Zip Fleece Top. RRP: $79.99. Image via Anaconda.

Lightweight and versatile, a fleece jumper is exactly what you need as a mid-layer (between your thermals and your snow jacket). A fleece jumper also keeps you warm when wet, which is crucial when you're out in the elements. Go for navy, black or grey to complement any combination of snow pants and jacket, or a red or pastel to add a pop of colour.

Snow jacket

Chute Women's Aina II PFC Free Snow Jacket. RRP: $169.99. Image via Anaconda.

The basic features to look for when choosing a snow jacket are that it's warm, waterproof, has plenty of pockets and is roomy enough to fit your layers underneath and still comfortably move around. A hood with faux fur trim is perfect for keeping your neck warm when the temperature really drops, and a powder skirt allows you to keep snow out of your pants (yes, that's a genuine concern). Anaconda offers a range of designs and colours - from bright blues to sophisticated black.

Snow pants

Chute Women's Cascade Snowboard PFC Free Pants Insignia. RRP: $139.99. Image via Anaconda.

Listen closely: if you're doing any kind of outdoor activity in the snow, you will fall. On your bum. Multiple times. And if you're not wearing the right pants, your thermals will be damp all day. Snow pants should be waterproof and warm, and adjustable waistbands are a plus.

Extra pockets are also great for carrying your wallet and phone while you're skiing or snowboarding. Keep in mind that you need extra room at the bottom to fit your boots on underneath, and room to fit thermals on, too. The big plus of snow pants is that they're super comfy, and you'll end up wishing it was socially acceptable to wear them all day, every day.


XTM Women's Snow Cara Beanie. RRP: $34.99. Image via Anaconda.

A snow newbie will be surprised by how cold your head and ears can get. A beanie is crucial - and not just any fast fashion beanie. You need one that's big enough to cover your ears, and thick enough to keep the wind out. Anaconda has a range with fun patterns, bold colours and simple black knits. You don't need to look any further for a beanie that's fashionable while also keeping you warm.


XTM Women's Sapporo Snow Gloves. RRP: from $54.99. Image via Anaconda.

Your hands are one of the first places you'll feel the cold, and without waterproof, insulated gloves, you'll be uncomfortable all day. A wrist strap keeps the heat in, and lining gives even more protection from the wind and cold.

Proper snow gloves are a world away from the woollen mittens that defined my first experience at the snow.

Snow boots

Chute Fairmont Waterproof Snow Boots. RRP: $149.99. Image via Anaconda.

You'd be surprised how difficult it is to find a pair of shoes to wear after a day of skiing. You need a pair comfortable enough to give your feet a rest, but fashionable enough to be able to wear to dinner.

Again, you need a pair that are waterproof and have good grip - the slipperiness of ice and snow means your ordinary shoes just won't cut it.

Snow boots with insulation are a must, and Anaconda's simple black pair with faux fur go with absolutely anything.

Neck warmer

Columbia Neck Freezer Gaiter. RRP: $39.99. Image via Anaconda.

A neck warmer is one of those items you don't realise you need until you're on a chairlift, looking over stunning terrain, and all you can think about is how cold your neck is.

A scarf doesn't do the job on the slopes - scarves are too bulky and will absorb rain and water from the snow.

A water resistant neck warmer is a must, and also keeps you protected from the sun, a big risk since the snow can reflect up to 90 per cent of UV radiation.


XTM Adult's Sochi Socks. RRP: $34.99. Image via Anaconda.

Finally - don't even think about planning a trip to the snow without a proper pair of socks.

Soggy, wet, cold feet can ruin a day at the snow, and a pair of good quality socks makes all the difference.

A thick pair with arch support are ideal for an active day, and will leave you comfortable, dry and warm even after hours in the elements.

Luckily, Anaconda's Snow Gear Sale has come just in time for your post-COVID trip to the snow. Trust me - the right gear makes all the difference.

Featured image: Anaconda


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