What things are you putting off doing?


Making an appointment to see the dentist, starting an exercise routine, getting the dry-cleaning collected – these are just some of the things I have been putting off doing. And I’ve been putting them off for quite some time, but never for more than a year or maybe two, er actually with the exercise routine that may have been stretched a little bit .

But, I have nothing on the person who just last week returned a book to the Camden Library that was 122 years overdue. Yup, you read that right. 122 years.  Must have been an old book and it was. The first edition copy of Charles Darwin’s Insectivorous Plants had been borrowed from the Camden School of Arts lending library – Camden library’s predecessor – on January 30, 1889.

Camden Council library estimated the overdue fee for the book would be $35,000 in today’s money, accounting for inflation, but they will not be enforcing the fine.

What things are you putting off at the moment? Are there things that you constantly put off?