The Facebook page sticking it to stock photos everywhere.

“Just remember, if someone else’s life looks perfect in every way, it probably is and you should really be trying harder.”

The wise words of #whitecouchwisdom from a satirical Tumblr page that takes down the fake, advertised, white washed version of parenting and reminds us what parenting is really like.

Yep, we're all doing it wrong. Surely. Image via It's Like They Know Us Facebook Page.

The page, It's Like They Know Us  is run by first time mum, Sara Given and provides a space for parents to remember that everyone is struggling, nobody is perfect and parenting is just one hilariously unperfect journey.

The social media site uses stock images of glowing parenting moments and captions them with something much more realistic.

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People can submit their own take on the stock images that infiltrate our lives through advertising and online marketing.

The site captures a real, honest and hilariously relatable look at real parenting.

In the 'about' page for Given, she says, "In her spare time she enjoys wearing white, ethereal lighting, and staring with quiet repose at something juuuust off camera."

The description is accompanied with this image:

Because this is definitely reality. Image via Tumblr/itsliketheyknowus.


Given has also written a book called, "Parenting is easy. You're probably just doing it wrong." The whole online project was inspired after the 'real' mum of a 'real' toddler saw a photo of a radiant new mum in a cute sundress breastfeeding her newborn in the middle of a golf course. She decided she'd had enough of the images advertisers flood the web with. She was exhausted of seeing stock photos of perfect parents and children.

Now, her Tumblr is visited by thousands of new parents every day.

"Because what better way is there to deal with the stress and strain of being a new parent than laughter?" Amazon says of the book.

So many parenting moments provide a laugh or cry moment. It's Like They Know Us creates a space where you can laugh about the mishaps every single day.

What would you add to site?