"I start my day with chocolate": We asked a nutritionist everything she eats in a day.

You know the most overwhelming part of trying to eat a little healthier? Figuring out WTF to eat. You know the feels - staring at the fridge or pantry for, like, 10 minutes, trying to choose something that doesn't taste like boring. (Lookin' at you, tuna).

Sometimes, you just need a little bit of... ✨inspo✨.

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That's why we hit up Lyndi Cohen - she's a dietitian, nutritionist and author of the best-selling book The Nude Nutritionistto take a pervy old peek at all the deliciousness she eats in a day to fuel her body.

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As always, you need to keep in mind that there's no one 'correct' formula when it comes to nutrition - it's a highly individualised thing that's different for everyone. This is just what works for Lyndi. 

The best approach is always going to be what's sustainable long term. So, if you're looking for advice, it's best to speak with a professional.


We good? Okay, let's go!

What a nutritionist eats for breakfast.

"It might sound counterintuitive but I start my day with chocolate... sprinkled generously on my homemade cappuccino," said Lyndi. 

Chocolate in the morning? FINALLY. Something we can get on board with.

"You see, I used to be an emotional and binge eater. And a big part of what drove my unhealthy relationship with food was creating lists of forbidden foods, denying myself of the food I really wanted to eat, like chocolate."

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"Then I’d reliably end up crouched in the pantry, devouring all the foods I considered ‘bad’ like chocolate, bread or bowls of cereal the moment I got home from a stressful day. So including chocolate as part of my diet is one of the things that helps keep me balanced and healthy. Nothing is off limits!"

Kinda makes sense, no? Ignoring a craving just because you're 'trying to be good' never ends well.

"After my morning coffee, I wait until I feel hungry to eat (often around 10:30am to 11am) which is when I have a bowl of my homemade muesli with yoghurt or milk. It’s satisfying and filling thanks to the mix of various seeds, nuts and rolled oats." 

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"I've tried other healthy breakfasts before, exotic green bowls and protein-rich smoothies, but nothing compares to the convenience and taste of my morning muesli."

What a nutritionist eats for lunch.

When it comes to Lyndi's go-to lunch, she said right now she's obsessing over a Vietnamese tofu salad bowl loaded with ALL the yummy ingredients.

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"Back in my dieting days, I used to force myself to eat sad, boring salads - methodically counting out how many nuts I was allowed to scatter on top and skimping on the avocado or feta. I’ve since realised that life’s too short to eat depressing dressing-free salads - and thank goodness for that."


Now, let's all read that last line again.

"Vegetables can and should be tasty. If adding a little bit of oil and sugar from a salad dressing or throwing in some noodles helps me get four or more cups of veggie into my diet, it’s a major nutrition win."

What a nutritionist snacks on.

On the all-important snack front, Lyndi said she has both a sweet and savoury go-to, depending on how she's feeling.

"Have you ever tried air-fryer tofu chips? If not, here’s your cue to give it a whirl. I buy Macro pre-marinated tofu, cut up into ‘chip’ pieces and air fry until crispy. They’re high protein, delicious and kids and adults both love them."

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"When I’m after something sweet, I’ve been adding a teaspoon of chocolate drinking powder to plain Greek yoghurt as it turns into a probiotic-filled healthier chocolate pudding."

What a nutritionist eats for dinner.

For dinner, Lyndi said she's all about quick and easy staples that are packed full of nutritious ingredients that *actually* taste good.

"Easy one-tray recipes or healthy, balanced meals that are done in 20 minutes is what I’m all about. My One-tray Portuguese Chicken with Brown Rice is a winner."

"With just 10 minutes of prep work, you let the oven do the rest to cook all the ingredients at the same time." 

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10 minutes? That's, like... super doable. 

"To get a healthy dinner sorted, my Back to Basics app is seriously nifty and a big help for me. It’s loaded with 500+ time-saving, family-friendly recipes and with a click of a button, you can add all the ingredients from the recipes to your online shopping cart, so groceries and a healthy dinner are done."

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As we mentioned before, nutrition is all about striking a balance, and just because this works for Lyndi, don't feel like this is what you have to do, too. 

You do you, friend.

"While it’s fun and maybe inspiring to know how other people stay healthy, I desperately want you to know that even if you eat exactly what someone else eats - your body will probably look different from their body," said Lyndi.


"And that’s all down to a little something called bio-individuality. We all have our own unique body shape that’s predetermined by genetics (thanks mum and dad!)."

As Lyndi reminds us, seeing someone’s ‘day on a plate’ is just a snapshot in time - "and probably a highly manufactured and perfected version of how their daily eating really goes," she adds. 

"My perfect day of eating looks a lot different from what my every day eating looks like… and that’s totally fine."

See? Told you!

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Remember, if you want to make any changes to your diet, it's best to book an appointment with your GP or health professional who will be able to steer you in the right direction.

Dietitian and best-selling author Lyndi Cohen would rather count happy memories than almonds. As the founder of the Back to Basics App and Keep It Real, an online program for ending binge and emotional eating, Lyndi offers serviceable expert advice without the wellness wankery. She also has a loyal Instagram following @nude_nutritionist where she regularly serves up Photoshop-free body appreciation posts, recipes, health tips and more.

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