11 things NOT to do if you're trying to buy a home, according to real estate agents.

Real estate agents have spoken out about all the things home-buyers do to annoy them.

(Well, excuse us! We’re just embarking on what will be the largest and most important purchase of our entire lives.)

Still, it’s good to keep those agents on your side – it means they’re more likely to go into bat for you when it comes to negotiations with the seller. The less annoying you are, the more likely they are to back your offer.

Here are the rules, according to real estate agents that spoke to CBC News and Angel Oak Homeloans.

1. It’s not about winning.

Buying a home is a huge financial commitment and sure, you want the best deal possible, right? But how far are you willing to take the negotiation? Are you happy to risk your chance of owning an amazing home by trying to argue with the agent and seller over every dollar? The “win” is the home that you can call your own – not necessarily the final price tag.

2. Open your mind.

Agents hate it when you are so stuck on one type of home or location that you won’t even consider anything else. It’s a recipe for disaster. If you’re too picky about the style of home and its location, then you’re unlikely to find a home for a very long time.

3. Don’t take anything personally.

Agents are trying to please both you and the seller. The seller is simply trying to sell their home. Competing potential buyers aren’t bidding to spite you. The world isn’t ‘against you’. Don’t approach the process of buying a home, as if you’re entering armed warfare. It’s best to try and stay ‘zen’ as you house hunt and make offers. What will be will be. You will end up in the home you were meant to have, living where you were meant to live.

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4. If you snooze, you’ll lose.

If you find a home you like, jump on it or someone else will. Don’t keep waiting for something better to come along. Normally it won’t, especially in the current housing market. It’s so competitive out there, too competitive, so be ready to make decisions quickly and stick to them.

5. Respect the asking price.

A house went to auction on my street recently and was passed in. Then began a prolonged process of negotiation with buyers who thought they could get a better price after the auction. They ended up paying the asking price anyway. If a home has been valued, and is at a reasonable price, you do need to accept it. Endless counter-offers will just annoy your agent, making it more unlikely that they’ll go into bat for you. Listen to your agent’s advice on price and don’t go in too low or the seller may decide not to deal with you at all.


6. Be prepared.

It’s important to have your affairs in order before purchasing a home. Sell your current home, get your finances sorted and ensure you have pre-approval for a home loan so you don’t lose out on a great house. The property market is hot right now. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

7. Don’t disrespect the current home owners.

When the home I was living in was up for sale, I regularly arrived home to see groups of potential buyers standing on my driveway or on the front lawn. Without the agent, or unless it’s an open house, this intrusion is trespassing and extremely off-putting. Real estate agents don’t want to have to remind you to stay off the property; it’s just common courtesy.

Melbourne, Australia - August 30, 2015: People walking past an auction sign on display outside a house in Melbourne during daytime.

8. Don't harass the agent or sellers.

So many home buyers forget they aren't their agent's only client and contact them constantly over every little thing. This is not an efficient use of your time or theirs. Agents don't want home buyers to make endless requests and ask for too many meetings. That time could be better spent looking for properties for you to view.

9. Don't highlight defects.

When buying a home, don't point out every defect in an attempt to reach a better price. It is a house, not a washing machine. A few dings isn't going to land you a discount. You are buying it as is and the valuations have already taken everything into account.

10. After a deal is reached, don't start negotiating again.

Just sign already! A verbal agreement between you, the seller and the agent should be considered a done deal. It is not the time to bring up issues, once a final price has been discussed. If you try and do that, the agent and the seller are likely to re-visit other potential buyers and you could lose the home all together.

11. Don't rush or stall the closing date.

The closing date is usually at the discretion of the seller. You can politely ask if there is any wiggle room but it isn't something you should mess with too much. It can be a deal breaker and that's why you do need to be organised going in and prepared to honour the closing date given to you.

Buying a home is a huge decision and incredibly emotional for all involved. Don't hesitate, don't get bogged down in the details, and remember, it's not about 'winning', it's about finding the right house for you and your future.

Image: Ten Network. Source: http://cdn.mamamia.com.au/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/16125505/Billie-selling-a-home.jpg.

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