Itchy. Bitchy. Bloaty. Meet the 7 menopause dwarves.

Sweaty. Moody. Shitty. Flustered. Itchy.

Oh the joys of menopause.

You think you’re done with it and then it’s back. Like flares. Waking you up in the middle of the night with a hot flush. Well actually, a boiling flush. Next thing you know you’ve sweated so much you have to change your nightie. More than once. For the next two to three years of your life. Yeah menopause. Such a joy.

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You can try vitamins (sage tablets work a treat), peppermint teas, even the pill, but nothing will completely drive the menopause fairy away.

That’s why we were so impressed when we found this hilarious little cartoon. As far as we are concerned it could not be more apt:

Let's face it. We've all been there or are headed that way. We may as well be honest about the whole situation. Flick this to a friend if you agree.

Are there any other emotions that you would add to the list?