Four key reasons women swipe right on Tinder.

Men on Tinder are non-discriminatory (only on Tinder, that is). They swipe right as if it’s an endless scroll feature – continuously.

Recent research out of the Queen Mary University of London, Sapienza University of Rome, and the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group has found men on Tinder are more likely to swipe right than women, but are less likely to message a match.

Women, on the other hand, are more choosy. They swipe right with the intention of messaging that person, so are more selective with the people they choose.

With this in mind, we put it to the Mamamia crowd to see what they do look for in a Tinder profile. What are the key swipe-right clinchers for women on Tinder, and what are the definite turn-offs?

What are women looking for? Criteria as follows:

Photo on point.

Think smiles, a natural pose, shirt on (shirtless action is a massive sign of douch-baggery) and no pouting.

(Men? Pouting? Whoever thought that was a good idea?)

Happy and not super posed. – Jess, 24.

‘Model’ shots are a definite turn-off. – Mary, 26.

No bathroom mirror selfies, no shirtless photos. – Anna, 31.

A photo with their shirt off is a big no no for me. Makes them look narcissistic and lame. – Shay, 29.

No pouting, so many men pout in photos! – Deb, 27.


Stay focused. 

If you’re the only person in the photo, you’ve taken a step in the right direction.

No, we don’t want to see your squad, or your half-cropped-out ex-girlfriend, or your (hopefully ex) wife… #awkward.


Dudes whose pic is clearly from their wedding; you can take a lap. – Genevieve, 27.

No “me and the boyzzz” photos. – Kate, 32.

No dick pics….. yes they exist on Tinder. – Ally, 24. (WTF??)


Use words. Wisely.

Alright wordsmiths, here’s the thing; I don’t want to hear about your up-coming travels, unless I’m invited; I don’t care what high school you went to (are you in grade nine?); and I don’t want to know every single, minute detail of your life and personality (there’s a small thing called ‘mystery’, it can work wonders in dating).

Please, God, no “tinderella” captions. – Joe, 31.

I don’t want to see a long, arrogant bio. Narcissism again. – Shay, 29.

I hate the “I’m going to lie about how we met” captions. – Emily, 25.


The loudest piece of advice?

Get a dog.

If a dog is anywhere – in your profile picture, your bio, your captions – YOU ARE IN. Swiped right without even thinking. It’s like my thumb has a mind of its own. Dogs are the clincher.

Dog failing, any other sort of cute, cuddly, heart-warming animal should be your go-to.

I always has a scroll through the pics if there’s a cute pet. – Jess, 25.

Cute dog = lots of interest. – Carla, 28.


Melt. Swoon. Swiped right.