Mr Luke Warm Sex is getting a whole lot of sex now.

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Luke McGregor does not know much about sex.

Last week he told the country new TV show Luke Warm Sex, that he had only ever had sex twice.

At the age of 33, it was seen as a very endearing thing to do.

People started falling for the red-headed Tasmanian comedian. He was honest. He was exposing himself on ABC. And did we say he was funny? So funny – we’re pretty sure Rosie Waterland wanted to turn him into the next eligible bachelor.

But then he came on The Binge podcast, and crushed all our dreams. Because it seems the point of his documentary worked. And now, he is getting a whole lot of sex.

“I was very hesitant at first, because this is going to be too embarrassing. I thought – the worst thing that can happen is people watch the show, hate it and never have sex with me again. But that’s kind of my life now.” McGregor told Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik.

But that hasn’t happened.

He has had a few people on Facebook hitting him up.

And, he’s just started seeing someone.

“Regular sex is now part of my life, which is something I thought I would never say. It’s early days and it’s a bit weird about having a documentary about sex coming out the same time as you are starting a new relationship. It’s a little weird.”

Luke Warm Sex interview
Awkward? Just a little. Via ABC

As for how real the show was. It was 100%.

“We kind of plotted out what we wanted to do – like a kissing class – we would just set up cameras and stay out of their way.”

Even the scenes with his parents.

Watch the preview for the show here:

“I had questions, I didn’t tell them what they were. And I said if you are really not happy with it, you can just say the thing again. And if you really don’t like it we just won’t put it in the doco.”

Which is probably why the response has been so positive.

“This has almost been 99% positive. I’m scared to look too deep. In case I start finding stuff.”

Luke, don’t get us wrong, we are very happy for you. We just had dreams of you conversing with Oshie’s hair. But it’s okay. Because of all the sex that you are getting.

Listen to the full episode here:

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