Whatsapp has made texting so 2015. Here's why you should be on it.

In a world of constant instant messaging, there’s one question on everyone’s lips: why don’t we all just put our phones away and open our eyes to the beauty of the world around us?

JUST KIDDING! The real question is which instant messaging service the cool kids are on, and how you can get amongst it. Because nobody is just “texting” anymore.

You probably know that Facebook recently revealed their alternative to the humble iMessage: Facebook Messenger, where you can contact all your Facebook friends in one place. You probably know this because Facebook made you download a whole new “Facebook Messenger” app, which probably made you unreasonably cranky (I hope it wasn’t just me).

What you probably don’t know is that Facebook also owns WhatsApp, another instant messaging app that allows you to text people like you normally would… except you press a different icon on your phone to use it.

Instead of using Messages, many people are switching to WhatsApp. Image supplied.

Word on the street is that WhatsApp is the place to be. But if you're on the fence about it, here are some facts that might convince you.

1) WhatsApp is totally encrypted.

Look, if you're not a drug dealer, this might not appeal to you all that much. But in a world where everything we say, do and text is possibly under surveillance, there's a certain comfort in knowing that nobody -- not even the police -- can get at the text, photos or videos you send via WhatsApp. They're automatically scrambled on sending and receiving, and what's more, not even WhatsApp has the ability to decode them once that's happened.

Upshot: Good for sexy photos.

2) You don't need an iPhone.

If you have an Android, you're probably feeling a whole lot of left out right about now. Of course, iPhones can send text messages, but if you have an Android, you're missing out on every single group iMessage that your friends have on the go (and that's probably a lot). To use WhatsApp, you only need a smartphone and a phone number, and you can group message your heart out.


Upshot: Now your one friend with an Android can be in your group message, and if you are that friend, the world is about to open up for you.

Watch the last text the Mamamia Team received from their best friend.i

3) It works using WiFi or data. 

If you're already using iMessage or Facebook Messenger, this won't be an issue. But if you're previously stuck to normal messaging, your life is about to change. (Well, you'll spend a bit less on your phone bill, anyway.) WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, so it's great when you're travelling and don't have an active phone plan or when you just want to take advantage of your home or work WiFi.

Upshot: If you've previously only text messaged, WhatsApp will be cheaper.

Of course, using WhatsApp requires you to have friends who are using WhatsApp, so you'll need to get everyone involved -- but once you're there, it could be worth it.

Do you use WhatsApp or another messaging service?