Trump traders: The Republicans trading their vote to install Hillary Clinton in the White House

By Jason Om.

Thousands of disenchanted Americans are taking part in what is known as vote trading in a tactical effort to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

Using apps or websites such as #NeverTrump or TrumpTraders.org, voters in safe seats connect with voters in swing states and swap their votes legally.

The electoral effect would have more impact in the battleground states, where an extra Clinton vote could make a difference.

Co-founder of Trump Traders John Stubbs said more than 15,000 people had enrolled.

The group is targeting five swing states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

“By voting tactically in 2016, conscientious Republicans can still prevent the worst-case scenario: Mr Trump taking over the White House and the GOP,” Mr Stubbs wrote recently.

He also helped set up Republicans for Clinton, a group encouraging Republicans to vote for the Democrat Party nominee.

Its mission statement reads: “The threat posed by Donald Trump compels us to consider what many of us never have: supporting the Democratic nominee for President”.

‘It raised my blood pressure’

Long-time Republican supporter and former Reagan administration official Ken Adelman cannot stomach a Trump presidency.

“It raises my blood pressure by at least 20 points,” he told Lateline.

He has endorsed the Republicans for Clinton campaign.

“Donald Trump is not a Republican. He’s not a Conservative, he doesn’t believe in the values that I believe in,” he said.

Ken Adelman is equally dismayed by Hillary Clinton but he reluctantly voted for the Democratic nominee.

“That hurt,” he said of casting his vote.

“But the fact is I’m very comfortable with that decision. Donald Trump would be a disaster as president.”

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