What is this 'MyIdol' app and why is everyone obsessed with it?

There is a new Chinese app that turns you into a horrifying dancing random and it’s making every person on earth completely lose their shit.

It’s call MyIdol, and it will change your damn life. Get ready.

So, what the frig is it?

MyIdol is an app that takes a photo of you, and turns it into incredibly disturbing/horrifying characters and then inserts them into videos, pictures and GIFs. It’s available in the Apple store, but the whole thing is in Chinese, so it takes a bit of deciphering. But once you get the hang of it, you will not be at all productive for the next few hours at least.

Okay, I’ve downloaded it. What now?

Now comes the fun and disturbing part. You take a selfie, and MyIdol will assign you a generic look:

Don’t worry – you’re not stuck with the Avatar t-shirt. From here, you can customise your doppelgänger by clicking on the little jacket icon.

Pick your hair!

I went bald, just for hilarious hijinks etc. To pick an option, click on it, then wait about 20 seconds for it to load. Once it’s loaded, it will turn to colour, and you can use it.

Pick you clothes!

At first I had a cat jumper and jeans. Then I discovered there was a panda suit. I went with the panda suit.

Pick your eyes!

I tried alien, but settled on blue.

Pick you age!

There’s scary baby to wrinkly old lady, and everything in between.

Make selfies and GIFs!

The little jacket icon is for customising, which you’ve done. The camera is to make videos, the person is to make selfies and the smiley face is to make GIFs.

Here’s some selfie options:

And some GIF options (my fave is the one where I’m crying and about to cut off my arm):

By the best part of the MyIdol app, by far, is the horrifying videos you can make. Here’s me, singing Sexy Back in a panda suit:

I know. Disturbing. Now download MyIdol immediately.