'The 333 method is the best way to get dressed in the morning. Here's how I do it.'

Capsule wardrobes to 2024 is what velour tracksuits were in the early noughties — everyone is jumping on board. But the difference between the two is that a well-rounded capsule wardrobe will carry you through for years, unlike your Juicy Couture matching set that is most likely sitting at the back of your closet somewhere gathering dust.

I know the word 'capsule' can feel overused at times, especially if you love trying new trends and shopping for more unconventional pieces. However, one of the biggest misconceptions I see surrounding capsule wardrobes as a fashion writer is that it has to be 'boring' to work.

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A plain white tee, light-wash blue denim and a pair of sneakers you can wear with everything seems to be all anyone ever promotes. But what about when you actually want to wear colour or have fun with their fashion? 

Enter the '333' method. As a mathematically challenged person who hates numbers, the 333 method terrified me when I first came across the concept on TikTok. But once I did a deep dive, I realised it was pure genius.

What is the 333 method?

TLDR, the 333 method requires you to pick out nine items you already own from your wardrobe — three tops, three bottoms and three pairs of shoes — and challenges you to create as many outfits as possible using these items.


It differs from the typical capsule wardrobe because you're in charge. You get to choose exactly what clothes you want in your capsule. So if you want to style a neon orange shirt then that's your prerogative and no one can tell you differently.

TikTok creator Rachel Spencer (@rachspeed) is the one who came up with the concept, saying that it allowed her to get creative with the clothes she already owns.

@rachspeed Back with my styling challenge and my faves from the @Joe Fresh spring collection. It never fails when you have ballet flats, button ups and good denim. Which look is your fave? #ad #capsulewardobe #minimalstyle #minimalfashion #outfitideas #springfashiontrends #joefresh ♬ original sound - Rachel Spencer

The beauty of the 333 method is that it forces you to think outside of the box. For example, if one of your nine clothing options is a button-up shirt, ask yourself, "How can I style this one shirt in multiple different ways?"

You might wear it as an overshirt, or tie it up so it's more cropped. The options are endless, but we only discover how versatile a piece of clothing is when we try wearing it differently.

Here's how I went.

Intrigued, I decided to challenge myself to stick to the 333 method for a week. Just like Rachel instructed, I picked out three bottoms, three tops and three shoes and tried to style them in different ways to keep my fits looking fresh.

Here are the clothes and shoes I picked out:

Image: Supplied.


Image: Supplied.


Image: Supplied.

Here's how I styled it:

Image: Supplied.


Image: Supplied.


Final verdict.

Straight off the bat, I couldn't believe how easy it was to get dressed in the mornings. I hadn't added anything new to my wardrobe, but somehow I had an endless stream of outfit options.

It was also surprising to see how many ways one piece of clothing could be worn. For example, the cardigan I chose could be styled as a top, thrown over the shoulder or even wrapped around the waist.

To help make my life easier, I made sure to pick items that I wear on the regular, simply because I know they look good on me and I feel comfortable whenever I put them on. 

I did go bolder with the shoes (well, bold for me) and opted for two styles of heels and a pair of loafers. One heel was more paired back and suitable for daily wear and the other was far more dressy. 

If you struggle to style outfits, I highly recommend trying out the 333 method. Take it slow, don't be too hard on yourself and have fun with it — fashion shouldn't be intimidating. 

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