Would you pay to have a stranger rub your clitoris for 15 minutes?

You remove your underwear, lie down on the floor on your carefully constructed ‘nest’, and wait for the lubed-up fingers of your partner – or a stranger – to start lightly rubbing your clitoris.

This is orgasmic meditation, and it’s a niche practice that Australians are embracing in droves.

Orgasmic meditation — or OM-ing as its devotees call it — is a 15 minute wellness practice designed to instill more connection, vitality and pleasure in your life.

orgasmic meditation
"So if the woman climaxes - awesome, if she doesn't climax - also awesome." Image via Universal Pictures.

OM-ing isn't about climaxing more; rather it's about being in the moment and expanding the sweet spot of the orgasm.

In Australia, OneTaste classes are open to couples and singles. However, if you're not already loved up and you want to practice OM, they recommend you bring along a friend you trust to, you know, rub your lady bits.

On a recent episode of Bustle's Honestly Though podcast, American sex writer Rose Surnow spoke about her own experience with orgasmic meditation.

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Surnow has been OM-ing for over three years now and says it's radically changed her sex life.

She describes the experience as a "a partner practice where one partner strokes a woman's clit with no goals".

"So if the woman climaxes - awesome, if she doesn't climax - also awesome."


Surnow says OM-ing is all about helping women work through some of their blocks so they can start to enjoy sex more. The sex writer believes it's also a game-changer for women who are used to giving sexual pleasure but not really receiving it.

'I'm going to touch your pussy now'. Image via Universal.

Men are instructed to stroke their partner's clit with the same gentleness they would use to rub their own eyelid, which is often a complete change of pace for guys who have been brought up with images of aggressive and dramatic sex.

Surnow says this is what makes it a meditation-like practice for the partners.

"They're just staring at a clit, and their stroking it super-lightly, and it's 15 minutes, and they're totally focused," she explains.

"It's a revolutionary idea that something so subtle can be so deep." (Post continues after gallery.)


On the podcast, Surnow describes the steps to orgasmic meditation, which you can try at home if you like.

The woman needs to be naked from the waist down, but the partner should remain fully clothed throughout the session. The woman will lie down on a specially constructed 'nest', which involves a blanket and several pillows for her comfort.

You OM with all the lights on - there are no candles, no 'mood' music, no relaxing glasses of wine. The stroker sits on top of the woman, and he or she sets a timer, and then 'grounds' the woman by putting their hands on her thighs. This is done to put her at ease and make her feel less awkward about lying down pantless in a room full of strangers.

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The stroker then looks at the woman's vagina and then says something neutral like, "I notice that you labia is a pink coral colour", to acknowledge her vagina but not judge it.

The partner will then put a small amount of lube on their fingers (if they're a stranger, they'll usually use gloves) and then they'll say 'I'm going to touch your pussy now'.

He or she will then lightly rub the clitoris for 15 minutes with no specific goal.

Would you try orgasmic meditation?