16 very honest women confess to their greatest personal flaw.

Image: New Girl/FOX.

There are plenty of challenging interview questions out there in the world, but few are as difficult to answer as, ‘What is your greatest weakness?’

When we’re constantly encouraged to be positive and focus on our strengths, it feels odd to look inwards and identify something in your personality that’s… well, a little flawed.

At the same time, it can be refreshing to acknowledge, and accept, these facets of yourself. Nobody’s perfect, after all. Plus, it’s kind of fascinating to hear what other people consider to be their own greatest flaws.

In a recent thread, one Redditor asked their peers to name their greatest personal flaws, and was flooded with insightful responses. One respondant admitted to being lazy, arrogant and silently judgemental. For some it was their low self-esteem, defeatist attitude, or detachment from others – while simultaneously craving affection.

A number of overthinkers made their presence known, too. “The only time I trust my gut 100% of the time is when I’m hungry or when diarrhea is imminent,” one confessed.

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Inspired by their honesty, we asked around The Glow HQ to find out what our colleagues considered their own biggest flaw. And they didn’t hold back.

1. “I hate that I let myself get intimidated by people very easily. If I in any way think that someone is superior to me, then I instantly shy away even if I know that I am equal/could at least give the appearance that I was equal. It always makes me think of that Eleanor Roosevelt quote ‘No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent’. I give consent far too often.”

2. “Absolute, debilitating perfectionism. To the point where I am significantly less productive than other people. And many things in my life don’t get done because I don’t want to do something if I can’t do it perfectly.”


3. “I am way too type A, in every way. I basically just need to relax. It’s OK to be five minutes late sometimes.”

4. "I'm such a 'Yes man' people pleaser that I always take on way too much and do everything to a mediocre standard, rather than a few things well."

5. "I lack confidence in almost every aspect of my life. Sometimes I don't even realise the extent to which I self-sabotage until others point it out to me."

6. "Journalism degree, avid reader, write all day every day as part of my job... but terrible speller."

7. "I am so, so, SO impatient. Have been since I was like two."

8. "I can be a MASSIVE control freak and get really antsy if things don't go my way. Yes, I am working on it." (Post continues after gallery.)

9. "I’m a bulldozer and an interrupter and I just need to shut my big fat mouth sometimes."

10. "I will go to any lengths to avoid conflict, to my own detriment. I am constantly trying to keep the peace, and instead of just voicing what I want I silently simmer."

11. "I am such a meerkat in that I'm always getting distracted by something, which makes me a terrible listener."

12. "I am very critical - which can be good in some ways, but is definitely my biggest flaw because it can result in excessive negativity."

13. "Indignation. Instead of getting angry, I just feel morally wronged and resentful. Definitely need to find a healthier way to process my frustrations..."

14. "Literally get lost walking out of public toilets. I have the worst sense of direction ever."

15. "Definitely my bluntness. I cannot sugarcoat things to save myself. Sometimes it's a very useful skill but sometimes not. And it only gets worse when I'm cranky or have had a few drinks."

16. "You know how some people have no filter? I'm overly filtered. Sometimes, in my effort to not say anything that'll upset or offend someone, I feel like I'm censoring my personality."

What do you perceive to be your greatest flaw?