The 15 most awful things about living with motion sickness.

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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who can spend an entire car trip with their head in a book without vomiting in their lap, and those who only dream of it.

Tragically, I belong to the latter group. As a lifelong motion sickness sufferer, the term Bucket List has an entirely different meaning for me — name a location, and there’s a very good chance I’ve stuck my head in a bucket while travelling there.

Like any pro, I have a personal best: the summer holiday where I managed to hurl before my dad even finished pulling out of our driveway (as our neighbours happily waved us goodbye).

Apparently a lot of people grow out of travel sickness by the time they reach adulthood, but some of us are still waiting for that moment to arrive. This is our story.

1. Most of your life savings have been spent on travel sickness tablets

You've dropped some serious coin over the years in an attempt to medicate the nausea away. You can find the motion sickness shelf of a pharmacy within seconds, and you've tried just about every item on it. When you finally find your go-to, you buy enough packets to last you through five apocalypses. One can never be too prepared.

(Tip: Travacalm has never failed me.)

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2. You've also tried some truly ridiculous non-medical techniques to overcome it

A show of hands, please: how many of you have ever spent a car trip sitting on a pile of newspapers because one of your relatives read that it somehow helped with travel sickness?

3. Spontaneous car trips fill you with dread

"Let's go for a drive!" is the kind of statement that should inspire excitement. But when you have motion sickness, the mere thought of jumping in a car for an indefinite amount of time with moment's notice leaves you reaching for a brown paper bag (to vomit in, that is). Nothing kills the romance of taking a drive with your date like having to say, "Great. Can we just wait half an hour first? My car sickness tablets need to kick in."

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4. You could never participate in backseat car games as a kid

Remember the glory days of school excursions, when you'd sit on the back seat of the bus with your mates and play a rowdy game of 'Corners'? No, of course you don't, because you had to sit right up the front next to your teacher, clutching a plastic bag, studiously watching the road ahead.

Oh, and you've had more than one friend over the years who's derived great delight from making retching noises in your ear to get you to throw up. Which is simply ~hilarious~.

5. You've vomited in a friend's car. And you were sober

When you have motion sickness, you don't need to be drunk to mortify yourself. I have fond memories of the time my ex's close mate bought a very shiny, new, expensive Skyline and took us for a spin in it. I showed my appreciation by emptying my gut, though thankfully it was all over myself. I probably wouldn't have lived to tell the tale otherwise.

6. You've been That Girl (or That Guy) on a long-distance flight

Sharing a row on long-distance flights can be a great way to befriend new people... that is, until your seat-buddy sees you reaching for the spew bag in an entirely un-ironic way. They'll feign sympathy as your face turns green and your stomach revolts against the turbulence, but don't for one minute think they're not contemplating emptying that paper bag all over you and having you thrown off the plane.

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7. Actually, your gut has a LOT to answer for while travelling

Travelling abroad is wonderful! It's also a huge source of anxiety and terror for those of us prone to motion sickness. Running out of anti-nausea tablets while stranded in a remote, particularly mountainous region of the world where shoddy buses are the only form of transport is your idea of a travel nightmare.

You get very proficient at motion sickness-proofing your big trips — stocking your backpack with tablets and plastic bags, finding non-windy routes for driving, and avoiding sleeper train trips. Then there are moments when you get swept up in the excitement and forget how volatile your stomach is. Like the time I decided to join a sailing tour around Croatia, and was immediately reminded there's a good reason why I avoid travelling by boat.

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8. You're kind of useless as a passenger

Let's be honest here: people with motion sickness make fairly terrible road trip passengers. There's a high likelihood we'll hurl when the road gets wiggly, we always hog the front seat, and we can't really tear our eyes off the horizon for more than a few minutes at a time, making us useless map-readers and navigators. Sorry, friends. Lucky we make up for it with our awesome conversational skills and playlist selections, right?

9. You know the following symptoms all too well

You've been there so many times, it's like a old dance routine. Your hands get clammy. Your mouth floods with saliva. You break into a cold sweat. You feel dizzy. Your heart pumps faster. You stop talking or opening your mouth for fear of opening the floodgates. Your stomach clenches... and by this point, there's no hope for you.

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10. You've always been the handbag holder at amusement parks/fairs/shows

By now, your friends definitely think twice before inviting you to amusement parks, Rollercoasters are out of the question. Even bumper cars are pushing it. And don't even get me started on the Vomitron that is Disneyland's spinning teacups ride... ooph.

11. You have a unique appreciation for certain foods

When you've got years of motion sickness experience under your belt, you develop a sixth sense for foods and snacks that will help settle your stomach — or stop you feeling sick in the first place. The winning ingredients: salt or ginger. On the other hand, milk products are your sworn enemy. Seriously. Milk is a bad choice.

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12. You'll opt for walking every single time

Even though it takes you much longer.

13. You resent people who can spend an entire car trip with their head in a book

It's one of life's great injustices. Just thinking about all the valuable reading time you've missed out on makes you want to shed a tear. Thank god for music, huh?

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14. You're one of the few people who hates a new car smell

Everyone raves about the delights of a 'new car smell', but usually it only makes your stomach clench. Same with air fresheners. In fact, you have a weird sensitivity for any scent present in a vehicle. We all have our super powers, okay? Some are just less impressive than others.

15. You know there's no cure.

Oh, what you wouldn't give to be permanently cured of your spewy ways.

Do you suffer from motion sickness? Any tips for alleviating it?