10 terminally ill men and women describe their average day.

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Last week, Redditor tidder212 created a thread that has completely floored us.

It began with a simple question: “Redditors who know how much time they have left – how does your day look like?” The responses came from all corners of the globe, with men and women of all different ages sharing how terminal illnesses and serious accidents have affected their daily routines and how they approach life. Some have only months to live.

Here’s a small selection of their stories:

“I still go to work every day, I go to the gym, I visit friends, I have the occasional beer, I am renovating a house, and being single I am out and about dating… I am constantly asked why I still work. Well, I have to eat and put a roof over my head, plus what else am I going to do? I can’t be on holidays for what could be the next 10 years.” T_Max100

“Inoperable-brain-aneurysm-guy checking in. I don’t make long term goals or set too high of expectations for myself. I’ve found work that allows me to help people who really need it. I read a lot, and I think a lot, and I try to have fun hobbies.” menace64

“I was just given the ‘less than 5 years to live’ talk, yesterday. Up until this point I haven’t traveled much… whether it be because I had no money, or no time. Probably both. But it’s all I want to do. In a way, now I have all of the time in the world … I want to just experience this planet as much as I can … I want to make the world a better place than when I came. Help clean up the earth, take care of animals and volunteer.” – _ravenclaw
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“I have stage four lung cancer. I’m going to die, just like my uncle (who also had stage four lung cancer) did. It’s painful, every breath is like running a marathon. It’s taxing.” Anthony4713

“Some days I don’t want to get out of bed, and when I do I can’t seem to find the energy to leave the house. Those days are pretty rare though. I try and get out and walk every day. I have tumors all over my spine so when things go really bad for me, my legs will probably be first to go. I catch up with friends regularly and I find the time to visit them.” BeetrootRelish 


“I’m constantly torn between purging all my belongings to make the process easier on my parents, or just leaving things the way they are. Also, I go back and forth between almost making ridiculous purchases (sports car), and giving all my savings to my sister/using it to pay for my funeral.” – Lost4evr

"[I'm] in and out of the hospital on a monthly basis."

"Some days, the pain crashes down so bad, all I can do is lay in bed, other days, I manage to help around, go around to my friend's... life just goes by, I try not to think that my last day could be my tomorrow or act on it with hardcore partying, albeit, I will always enjoy and appreciate every second I live, in pain or not." secludedbr

"What's my day like? 100 per cent normal, unless it isn't. If I'm not sick, it's like any other day... I've got a husband and kids who have their own lives and I can't have them wasting my time feeling sorry for me. All I can do is raise them up to be independent with strong family bonds. I don't expect to see 60. Hell, 50's starting to look suspect. But every day is a gift." tofu_llama 

"Some days I don't want to get out of bed."

"I'm 42. I won't live to see my daughter graduate from high school. I won't see go to prom, go to college, get married, have kids, all of that... I won't be here to support her, take care of her, watch out for her. My wife is a wreck. Some days it's like I'm already dead and she's just lost in grief. There are no words to make her feel better. I cannot tell her everything is going to be okay because I am going to die." wearealldying 

"There is no checking things off the bucket list, there is no money to do anything I would like to do. I cant travel as I no longer have vacation [leave] ... Most of the time I am uncomfortable. Sometimes due to pain, but usually because I cannot remember names or experiences." Brainyish

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